Valet Auto Review: Infiniti M35x

This edition of VAR is on the Infinity M35x

This model is a champagne colored four door with moonroof and alloy wheels.
The interior is two toned brown and almond with wood trim accents.

A data display screen in the center of the dash showed the non-engine related information.

This car also has keyless start: When the car knows you are in the immediate vicinity (by sensing the alarm fob on the keyring) you kneed only press the start button on the dash.

According to the above hyperlink, the M35 vas a V6 and 5 speed auto.

I will not be reporting how things look under the hood from now on.

My general Manager at work had just came back from vacation and I had let him know about my VAR threads, and wanted to know if it was alright to look under the hood, like they do in auto magazines and tv. He said that, although he trusts my actions as honorable and benign, others who read the threads may draw the wrong conclusion about valet drivers in general taking untoward liberties, so pleas no more looking under the hood.

So I won’t.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. Do auto magazines feature Valets for some reason?


How is what you posted a review? You wrote down the specs for the car and then lamented about how you were reinformed of the rules of your work place.

If I park a car that stands out from the crowd, I post about it.

If there is something significant about how it sounds or handles, I post that, too.