Valley of the Sequential Thread Titles

Your favorite anti-war slogan
Dress me for a night out!


Name a really ordinary, everyday thing that makes you happy
The most powerful handgun in the world

Just now in MPSIMS:

To The Administrators and Moderators.
Food and Sex

Food and Sex
The Steinhardts bake Hamantaschen

Glancing over MPSIMS, we currently have:

Food and Sex*
I have the best friends anyone could ask for


My Baby Has Arrived!
Bob Newhart? I am SO there!

*that title works with just about any other thread, doesn’t it?

Especially with this pair, Kn*ckers:

Boston Mini-Dope, Anyone?
Food and Sex

What do cats remember?

Jay Leno has a HUGE schlong!


To the moderators and administrators
Bitter, cynical and depressed…Cynical speaking.

Jay Leno has a HUGE schlong!
3 to 5 feet?

Now in the Pit…

What I’d like to hear Bush say tonight
Why are pro-war people so eager to risk our total destruction on this war?

Right now in GQ:
what was US doing in Sudan?
Correctly pronouncing “sensei” (Japanese)

In MPSIMS at the moment:

Jay Leno has a HUGE schlong!
Bizarre deaths

// seems kind of scary… and:

Come in here to Get Head!!!
Did anyone else get this email/spam, and what’s the deal?

// yes, that does sound like spammail

Once more with food and sex:

The delivery menu I am reading…
Food and sex
I love eating out.

Well, I’ve applied to buy a dog
Food and sex

I copied that before I even looked for a sequential thread, thanks that there was one.

Earlier today in IMHO I saw these two back to back:

Is this a good knife?


Do American women prefer circumcised lovers?

I hate to wheel out Leno again, but no one else has made the “goose” joke yet.

Jay Leno has a HUGE schlong!
The gooses! They come!

Currently, on MPSIMS:

The Straight Dope Staff Office
Just something stupid to have a giggle at…