Valuation of a website like straight dope..

Assume a similar website , with a reasonable fan following .

How much will it sell for in USD ??

Just curious …:wink:

I have no idea how accurate this is but according to

The Straight Dope is worth $622,160

Thanx for the link… will check it out later…

That’s only for the domain, I believe. Certainly a starting point, but someone buying the site en bloc would also acquire all the duties connected to the Board. They could close it, but that would be throwing the money spent for the purchase out of the window.

I don’t think your right. It appears they take into account the pages traffic and inbound links to figure out how much ad-revenue it could generate. Presumably if you bought the domain but changed the content most of those values would change.

I’m a little skeptical that that site is accurate, but they do appear to be discussing the same thing as the OP.

Of course, anybody who has visited this message board knows that the above figure is way off the mark. The actual value of The Straight Dope is as close to infinity as humankind has ever counted. :wink:

Not sure about the SDMB, but I do know that another site that I frequent (which is both a forum and online sales site) sold earlier this year for $100 million.

One thing that would affect the value is the fact that the board itself historically has not been indexed by search engines. That may have recently changed however.

Wouldn’t a pretty orthodox place to start be figuring out the anticipated future cashflows and discounting from there?

Sounds reasonable to me. And as others have said already: changing the site may change the value considerably.