Vampire: the Masqurade players/ST's in here.

In all the recent gaming threads as of late I have notice a lot of Vampire players floating around.

I have been thinking of starting a Houston based game (as that is the place that I know the most) on IRC, message boards, email, and AOLIM. If you would like to play, let me know via email in my profile and by posting.

Who knows, with enough players we could have Prince, Primogen and most of the power people played by PC’s! Woo!

So, robgruver we meet again in a gaming thread.

Are we talking Second or Third Edition? Because to be honest I hate what they did with Third and all the comic book Disciplines.

Cool… well I do know a bit about V:tM as the FFRP I’m involved in uses it as a base for vampires (mainly… not all the time though) and we follow it only very loosely…

I would love to join a chronicle of playing a Vampire for ‘real’ not just loosely but right now I’m in 2 chronicles… possibly a third and fourth (Amber and Mercy Bay) if I can get myself together enough to finish up my c for Amber and send it before Friday and create another c for Mercy Bay…

But I’ll keep an eye out I just thought I’d let you know I was interested. grins slightly flashing fangs

Arden Ranger: Are you stalking me or something? :wink: Third edition because it cleans up a lot of the crap rules that 2nd had (combat, celerity, etc.), plus I much prefer the third metaplot.

Obsidian Flutterby: Any relation to the Laurall K. Hamilton book Obsidian Butterfly? Look forward to getting this thing started. Been way to long since I played. :slight_smile: