Vampire throwdown: Spike versus Cassidy

Open spoilers for Buffy, Angel, and Preacher. Buffy spoilers lurk in this OP. You’ve been warned.

They’re badass rogues with British Isles accents who have complicated love/hate relationships with the nominal stars of their series and a fondness for grand redemptive gestures. And they’re vampires. And they like to fight.

So what would happen if Spike (of the Buffiverse) insulted Cassidy’s (of Preacher) sainted mother? They’re both liquored up, they’re both ready to kick ass – who can put the other guy down harder?

Me, I’d vote for Spike, except that he’s vulnerable to a stake through the heart whereas that’d just slow Cassidy down. And while Spike hasn’t been legitimately staked yet, Riley frickin’ Finn managed to get a “pretend” stake through his heart at least once. So his ability to soak up more damage gives Cassidy a slight edge in my book.

Then again, maybe they’d end up as drinking buddies.


(Let me preface this by admitting that all I know of Cassidy is what I learned from the provided link.)

If the two aren’t familiar with each other, then I would probably give the edge to Cassidy. Spike would be unprepared for Cassidy’s immunity to most of the classic vampire weaknesses. I can see, for example, Spike staking Cassidy, letting his guard down after his presumed victory, and giving Cassidy an opening to clobber him.

If they are familiar with each other, then I would probably go with Spike. He has the edge in terms of experience by a few decades. He also seems to have the superior will. Plus, I think he enjoys fighting a lot more.