Van Dam's Best Movie Yet ::Spoiler:: "Replican"

I think I spelled it right. It was bad ass and it had an original plot. The govt made a clone of a serial killer to use to find the killer. Van dam played himself and himself again as the clone. It had massive action and Van Dam had decent acting in it. Did I tell you it had massive action? I mean MASSIVE!

Van Damme is at his best when he is playing his own Twin or clone

Double Impact
Let me say this: that Van Damme doesn’t have an Oscar for “best belgian muscle head to make a career on looks alone” is a travesty of justice.

I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that I have the single largest collection of Van Damme movies of anyone on this board. They are SO BAD, they’re good. Kickboxer is a triumph.


So which one is your favorite jarbabyj?

I have favorites for different reasons.

Double Impact is my favorite BAD Van Damme movie. It’s so so so so horrible, and the acting is bad from every angle. I could watch it every day to hear Van Damme say “take your silk underwear and go back to California”. It’s barely understandable with that terrible accent.

But I think Universal Soldier and TimeCop ARE good movies, TimeCop featuring the classic JCVD Splits.

Lionheart and Cyborg are so bad they’re comical. I don’t own Cyborg, but I’d sure like to. Nothing like a Mad Max knock off to make your day.
Double Team is barely watchable, Knock Off and Maximum Risk, he looks like he’s strung out on coke or something. The Quest was ok, and I really liked Sudden Death if only because he suits up and plays hockey in it.


You people are weird.

The “best” Van Damme movie? Isn’t that kind of like saying, “my dog just deposited the “best” pile of poop in our yard”?

I’m with Jack on this one. What’s next, the best Steven Seagal film?

No comment on the actual post topic, though I think J-C van D does have a small amount of talent. (My foster son was/is a martial-arts-movie nut, so I’ve sat through a few.)

However, I have a feeling I can give Bill and the TM a giggle by citing what I misread the thread title as:

Jack, did you even read my post? I said I like VD movies BECAUSE they’re bad.

Don’t make me come over there and roundhouse you.


I guess it all got a little garbled to me when you started lobbying for his Oscar.

I do see your point. Last weekend I was home doing a lot of nothing, and their was one of the aforementioned Van Damme Twin epics on the TeeVee. Every single time he opened his mouth to utter a line I was in stitches. Absolute stitches.

Alas, it is sad, because he apparently thinks he’s an actor.

I’d also just like to add that the following sentence, taken out of context is a beauty …

“I said I like VD movies BECAUSE they’re bad.”

– my emphasis.

Hold on a minute their Jack(spoken like Eddie Murphy did in 48 hours to Nick Nolte. I don’t think Van Dam is a great actor or have great movies either. I just said this one was the best of the bad ones or whatever. You know what I mean.

I do agree with Adam call on Stephen S. same type crappy movies.

I just thought that this flick had a decent unused plot. Which is refreshing in this day and time and especially with as many movies as I have seen.

And, he’s almost as gracious in person as he is talented.

One of the least-admired guys in the film biz, his antics on the set are the stuff of legend.

It might be his best attempt; but he can’t act yet. I don’t know about his voice because I can’t hear it.