Van Halen welcomes David Lee Roth back - again?

MSN is reporting this 50 state VH reunion tour

Will they once again pull the football away just as DLR goes to kick it?

I say YES.

Well, they originally announced they were going to tour earlier this year. Then Eddie went into rehab, so that delayed it a bit. But plans for this tour have been brewing since late last year.

Those jerks don’t deserve to have another comeback. They can’t get along with anyone it seems. It’s not even going to be the original lineup without Michael Anthony. They’ve had their chance(s). They will sell a shitload of tickets though.

I’ll go out on the World’s Shortest Limb and say “Not gonna happen”.

I officially no longer give a shit. It can’t be anything but perfunctory, since these guys hate each other too much to play a few ridiculously-paid shows together, much less spend time in the same room beforehand putting together something interesting. Watching them on stage will be like hanging out with that couple that everybody (including them) knows should just get a damn divorce.

It says a lot that Mike is sitting this one out, since it’s not like he has anything else to do these days. It also means those Roth/Anthony harmonies will be missing.

I hope they surprise me by getting over themselves and going out there and blowing everybody away. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Well, at this point its the only way for any sort of Van Halen incarnation to get big time attention and money, so if the band wants either or both, this is whats required.

Well, except that sumo wrestling gig. And I think he prefers to hang with Sammy Hagar over the VH clan.

I only heard by chance earlier this year that they were planning to re-form and tour again but then it didn’t happen. Is there any truth to the rumours that Mike refused to join them again and that DLR had a spat with Eddie because he didn’t want to perform with Wolfie?

It wasn’t that Anthony refused to play with VH. He was actually kicked out of the band. He claimed in an interview that Eddie didn’t want him along on the '04 tour and that Sammy refused to play unless Mike did. Anthony actually had to agree to be paid less money. He was not involved in the new songs on Best of Both Worlds and only recorded three tracks for VHIII. Eddie confirmed Anthony’s departure in a Howard Stern interview on Sept.8, 2006. saying he “can do what he wants.” If Anthony refuses to play with VH, it’s a result of prior shitty treatment from Eddie and Alex.

Van Halen without Mike Anthony is like Cheap Trick without Bun E. Carlos.

And I’m a purist. I think VH lost their soul when they fired David Lee Roth.

Everyone knows Valerie Bertinelli broke up the band.

I’d actually pay to see this, if Roth can still sing it would be a great show. I saw them in London, Ontario touring their first album. When was that, like 1978?

That was the way I heard it. Eddie basically told Michael his services were no longer needed.

I still think Eddie’s a guitar god. I also now think he’s a bit of an asshole.