Yes!, Van Halen IS back. Now with even more Van Halen.


Eddie’s 16 year old son, Wolfgang, will be replacing Anthony on Bass. They seem to be for real this time. They’ve got the dates in ink and tickets go on sale in a few days. I think it’ll happen. I’ll be catching the closest show.
I’ve seen them with Sammy 3 times but never with DLR and that’s about to change. I know DLR still has the energy to sing like never before and the rest of the band members seem to be cleaned up and ready to rock.

Who else is in?

BTW, can they play any song that they’ve ever released or is the Sammy stuff off the table? Like, can they play sets from F.U.C.K.?

Probably not me. I saw VH on the Diver Down tour, and can’t say it was memorable enough to go for an encore 30-some years later.

But this is a big deal. I hope Eddie and Dave can play nice together long enough to make it through rehearsals and a tour.

And there’s the dealbreaker for me. Michael Anthony was VH’s secret weapon. His vocal harmonies were absolutely perfect, and if (big “if”…I’m still very skeptical that this will actually come together) they try and tour without him, they’re simply not going to be able to pull off the sound properly.

Although I suspect that they’ll just use pre-recorded background vocals for their live shows anyway.