Van vs. Truck in Road Rage Rumble.

I saw it! I’m driving my tired body home on I94 west bound to Minneapolis. Rush hour. 20 MPH, Stop and go.

Then about 2 car lengths in front of me in the center lane (I was in the right lane) the big-ass van tries to get into the center lane from the right lane. The obviously-compensating-for-“something” truck doesn’t want to let the van in. The van forces his way over.

The truck starts driving wildly and somehow manages to pass the van in 10 MPH traffic. The van follows suit and weaves in and out of traffic till he’s right beside the truck and flicks the truck off (the van’s right behind me now, tailing me in order to keep speed w/ the truck).

We pass the truck.

Then, to my relief, the van takes the next exit, truck is about 4 cars behind me. But the van pulls into the shoulder and stops about 20 feet up the ramp.

The van driver gets out, opens up the back of his van and retrieves a baseball bat! He then starts walking through traffic threatening the truck with the bat. I don’t know what he did once he got to the truck, cause by that time I was around the bend.

So, anyone seen road rage in action? Any road rage participants?

I’ll admit I get pissed off, but honking my horn and flicking people off is the extent of my actions.

I admire anyone with the courage to do it. {b]imthjckaz** drove on our recent foray to the Maul for our little Dope Fest. The speeds and following distances, and merging and passing were enough to make me nervous even when I didn’t have to drive.

////racerx\\, be very careful about whom you flick off or honk at. I have heard it is best to avoid anything like that, and also not to make eye contact. Stress does strange things to people. Do you remember hearing on the news about that Twin Cities doctor who beat a woman during an act of road rage?

Stay safe! Hope to see ya at the next Minnesota Dope Fest, when and wherever that may be.

----:)/ x o x o x

Thanks for your concern Spid-y. While I’ll admit that I do honk at people alot, I generally only give people the finger if I dont think they can actually see me. Its more of a display of anger to myself.

I remember that story. There was another one, I dont remember if it was local, but a driver followed some poor guy to his house and threw acid in his face!