Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Any Vancouverites out there, please go out and vote ‘yes’ on the Olympic plebiscite.

No, look at the costs and benefits first and make up your mind for yourself.

Then vote ‘no’.

If you want to force Vancouverites and British Columbians to pay hundreds of millions in extra taxes for the next 50 years, why, holding an Olympics would be a great idea.

Thank God Toronto didn’t get the 2008 Olympics. We’d be paying for it until 2108.

Unofficial results: Yes - 64 % No - 36%

Um. Isn’t it customary to have the Winter Olympics in a place where it, y’know, snows?

Hey! Vancouver is in CANADA. EVERYONE KNOWS its snowy and cold in Canada.



On par with the “vote no” side for similar reasons, I’m glad Houston did not get the Olympics because though the Astrodome would be saved (we love our Dome), Astroworld (our one amusement park) would be paved over for a large parking lot. It would probably become the largest parking lot in Texas; something to be proud of. :dubious: