vbulletin as opposed to other forum software

i’m looking to set up a forum site and want to know which is the best , vbulletin, wwwthreads, discusware, webcrossing. anyone have any input?

I just came from a place with ads for free message board software. Looked a lot like this board.

This is not really an appropriate forum for this sort of question, as this is for questions directly relating to THIS message board and not just boards in general.

It’s really more for IMHO. So off it goes.

your humble TubaDiva

thanks for the lead, but they have banner ads at first glance, and my traffic then becomes their traffic. how do i get people back to my site? does all this matter?

Well, I’d assume that most message boards let you configure them so a link back to your page would be displayed prominently. At least that was my expirence setting up a free account at EZ-Board and something from Network 54 for my friend. (Which is somewhat sad because I never have time for my sites.)

I went there and they have a free way to put as many links and banners on the page as you want, top and bottom.

They also mention “Get a message board with or without ads”
Without ads costs $25/mo.

You should also ask at OpalCat’s board, which is here:

She would surely be up on the details of comparison.

 thanks, i see she is running on infopops ubb system, but have noticed that many are moving to vbulletin from ubb. vbulletin sounds like it's the trend. any thoughts on vbulletin? also, why pay $25/month for a bannerless service when you could have your own website for less running any one of the freeware boards like discus from discusware.