VCD Picture Slide Show

How can I take the 190 pictures I took of my vacation (just under 128MB) and put them on a VCD so they can be seen as a slide show on a DVD player?? Is there a way to take a powerpoint slideshow and put it onto a VCD?? Thanks in advance!

Hmm. I’ve a feeling that I’ll be able to answer this question… in about three months. :slight_smile: I think there is such as thing as ‘MPEG stills’, which carry information about how long the player is to display them, but I could be wrong.

This is an intriguing question. I’m not going to get much sleep tonight…

My DVD player will ‘play’ CD-Rs containing JPEGs as picture-slideshows–no special preparation required.

Don’t lose too much sleep over this! lol. My gf’s DVD player will probably just play the jpgs…I’ll have to try. My DVD player on the other hand (little older) says it will play VCD’s but it doesnt. Anyone have any ideas on that one while we’re at it?

Thanks for the suggestions sunspace!

I had tried to do this before and had limited success with it. This is what I did:

1> Use Roxio CD Creator (5.0 Full version - Not FREE) to make a Video CD out of pictures. The Video CD maker is designed to join videos (not pics), so actually your picture will only be shown for a fraction of a second. I overcame this by putting the same picture 5 times. So it was like - pic1.pic1.pic1.pic1.pic1…transition…pic2.pic2.pic2.pic2.pic2…transition… It works fine, but then you don’t have sound in the back ground. Then I integrated sound into it using tmpgenc ( - free download). You can use any mp3 to form the background sound.

2> Do the same above except by using Adobe Premiere.

3> Make a Picture slideshow using Roxio CD Creator. Run it and do a screen capture video. Then insert music.

Needless to say all the above are complex (and nerdy !) so I rest the matter with some Guru to answer :).

And regarding your VCD playing in the DVD player - can you be more specific like does the DVD does not recognize the VCD at all or does it not play it? You may have to tinker with the settings sometimes.

Go to - the answer is there.

  1. No DVD player will “just play the jpgs.” They have to be converted to MPEG stills and authored in VCD or DVD format.

  2. Try Ulead DVD Picture Show. It makes superb VCDs from digital photographs.

  3. If the PowerPoint presentation is simple (no transitions or animations) you can save each slide as a separate picture and make a VCD as above.

I use latest version of Nero (comes with cdrw drives usually), just select VCD & drag the photos to the directory & it knows what to do, thats all.
Read some guy put 1,900 images on one cd. I find they look just beautiful too.

I beg to differ. From page 42 of the manual of my JVC XV-S502SL:

Thanks for the correction. If rayray5884 and everyone he might want to share his CDs with owns a JVC XV-S502SL, he’s in the best of luck.