VCO3's real problem with his neighbors: a shocking exposé!

LM and the rest of my defenders have it right; there’s a difference between “black neighbors” and “thugs.” Let me outline why I call them “thugs”:

  • constant cloud of weed smoke in the hallway with thumping rap music coming from within the apartment

  • guy screaming “nigger, nigger!” into his cell phone in front of the building while families walk by

  • my first interaction with them was passing them as they were moving in and saying, “hey, what’s up?” to which they responded with the “hard” stare and no words.

  • vulgar, insulting, and abusive catcalls out the window at my fine-ass wife and her hot friend in the middle of the afternoon which issued from their apartment

  • thug caricature appearance, as though they’re auditioning to play Fiddy in a biopic.

  • kicked a girl out in the middle of the night last weekend, who stood screaming in front of the building and hitting all of the buzzers until the cops were called

  • the busted-ass scraper that’s suddenly parked out front of the building all day long, usually taking up twice its share of curb space

  • what appears to be a pigeon coop going up on the shared back stars of the building, outside their back door


I really sympathize with your situation and if I were you I would consider moving, but I’m sure that’s not an option for you. The “hard” stare and no words particularly pisses me off - I don’t know why some people need to be like this, but it’s a sure indication that they are assholes, regardless of their race. And insulting your wife and her friend - i.e. misogynistic and abusive behavior - is the kind of stuff that would make me want to confront them and tell them what assholes they were being, at which point I would get my ass kicked at worst, and be shouted down at best. So yeah, your situation sucks. I’m fully sympathetic.

I think if any other guy had made this thread, I’d have thought, “Meh, yeah, thuggish guys are often scary looking.” I guess coming after all the “why do black people DO THAT?!” and “I heard all hot black women have boyfriends and the rest are skanky looking” and the general “what’s up with the black folk” vibe…it comes off a little weird when he mentions them being black and thuggish here.

It’s the general reputation that VC03 has about black people in particular. Like they’re this fascinating exotic species.

Well, of course black people are not some kind of “exotic species,” but for someone who’s had little genuine social interaction with them and/or has grown up in a racially homogeneous environment, they can certainly seem “exotic” or “different,” in good or bad ways. God knows there are enough books written about this topic, in a scholarly and focused way - just look at any African-American Studies or Sociology section and you’ll find tons of books which are basically discussing the same issues that VCO3 is. It’s just that he’s doing it more clumsily and perhaps only represents one side of the issue (the white side,) but there’s no denying that there are cultural differences between different American subgroups, and some people fixate on them more than others.

I really don’t think the Oscillator is an out-and-out racist. VCO3, if you’re in college, you should take a class or two on American race relations or on African-American culture. I mean this seriously and without sarcasm or condescension. It seems like you have a lot of questions and curiosities about black people, for whatever reason, and you should do some research on it. Or just read a few books about the issue.

This made me explode with a little hooting/tooting laugh that I have never heard myself make before… genius.

So, the OP denies the existence of thuggish black guys like I deny the existence of leprechauns? Come the fuck on. There are plenty of thuggish black guys I wouldn’t want to mess with. Is it because they are black? No, it’s because they act like criminals.

There are plenty of criminal modeled people of all sorts I wouldn’t want to confront.

Honestly, fetus, would you rather talk about smoking pot in the hall with Jerry Garcia or Biggie Smalls? It doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with race.

I would like to think the board is above finding a “fat kid” to pick on. Perhaps that thought is wrong.

Fuck, most black people don’t want anything to do with thuggish black guys.

This is a stupid rant.
If you want to bust VC’s balls at least wait untill you have a valid excuse.
I’m not too familiar with VC’s posts myself but from what I gather, that wait, shouldn’t be too long.

Pigeon coop? I am intrigued–I normally associate “pigeon coop” with Bert from Sesame Street, not hardcore gangstas. Can you elaborate?

I haven’t gotten through most of the VCO3 threads, but what I read led me to believe his problem is not understanding people who aren’t like him. I think that would mean wiggers and blacks who wear hip hop-style clothes and probably more conservatively dressed blacks as well.

I feel sorry for him. He reminds me of my parents. They didn’t know any minorities growing up in the 30s and 40s. I think there was a lot of fear and lack of understanding on their parts.

My big brother is a big guy who dresses not so much like 50 Cent, but I suppose some unenlighted could equate his style to “thuggish”. He has a huge ass afro and has an ATL attitude. He also rides motorcycles and hangs out with roughnecks.

But he’s the sweetest guy. All that toughness is just a facade.

VC03 is married?

“Pigeon coop?”

“pigeon coop?”

Ok, that is wierd.

On the stairs?

I am confused.

You’ve never heard him refer to “the wife”? :stuck_out_tongue:

We need something like a buddy list that sends you a warning when your favourite people get pitted.

I am not saying that VCO3 is a racist or not. I do not know, I do not care.

That said, there are some looks that have their respective effects only when associated with a particular ethnicity.

If I see a white kid costumed (because it is not dressed, it is costumed) with the tough gangsta look, I would probably ask him to trade Pokemon cards, not be afraid of him.

Ditto for a black guy with the trailer trash redneck look. I would ask him for the release date of the Mel Brooks movie he is working on.

And the hispanic gangsta look (different from the black), etc, etc.

Same for ages, genders, etc.

Some kits are only complete with the appropriate skin colour. Sorry. I know mentioning race is enough to get many here all ruffled up (because it doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t matter and all that), but well, we are little creatures raised a certain way and when things go out of our parameters of comfort, we panic. That simple.

If VCO3 is not accustomed to seeing black people, then that’s what it is. That might make him a racist by some people standards, to mine, it makes him human. Flawed like the rest of us.

The way he brings it up, on the other hand… well, I am lowbrow enough to find it entertaining, but I am fully aware that this is not the norm.


Two minutes.


There are burly pot-smoking niggers? VCO3 needs to move. Where’s he seattle? VCO move to san jose. Just pot-smoking teen whities here.

Everyone knows the proper resonse to thuggish black guys is to offer them $20 to perform oral sex on them.

Oh no you didn’t.

For all I know she’s inflatable.

Only joking VCO3, I think you’re great.

Carrier pigeons, to handle the drug dealing. Bird flies in with a twenty-you tie the bag of weed to their feet and they fly away to deliver it. No phone calls for the Man to tap, no hangin on the corner gettin photographed. You just bein a nature lovin homie, chillin, fo shizzle.

It was that ho’s turn to feed the birds, and she done messed it up.