VCO3's real problem with his neighbors: a shocking exposé!

Give that ho a tuppence, yo.

Ooh, a scary black people rant! VCO3 is a moron.

I remember taking the subway train out to the Bronx to take my kids to the zoo once- they were pretty small and cranky. We were sharing a car with some pretty tough-looking young men of several ethnic & racial groups.

When my kids were fussy, a couple of the harder-looking cats went out of their way to make my kids laugh. They gave me a “hey, we’re all parents, let’s stick together” vibe. My older boy (4, IIRC) thought the huge gold chain with the 3 inch $ on it was teh cool! :wink:

And yeah- what is the pigeon thing about? Don’t hard guys prefer cockfighting or dogs? Seems a little lame…

well I’d be equally disinclined, since they’re both, you know, dead and all.

Well. I guess that answers that question.

Aren’t you lucky? I seem to recall that you have $20 tucked away for just such an opportunity… :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to hang out.

:confused: Am I being wooshed?

You idjits - have none of you seen Ghost Dog? It’s how they connect with their mob handler. You know to find out who and when to whack people and stuff. Jeez :p.

There’s a landing at each floor. Pigeon Coop.

Most of the time I think of our friend VCO3 as short tempered, quick to pit the stupidest things and in general being pretty much an ass.

That said, in this situation I don’t see the racism. I certainly wouldn’t want neighbors that stood out in front screaming into their phone, had people over that disturbed the residents in the middle of the night and were being really obvious about illegal activity that made my place stink.

Rap music and pot? Sounds pretty normal to me, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Perhaps. I suppose.

Maybe you don’t engender “love at first sight.” :wink:

Right. My husband would never refer to me as his “fine-ass wife” but then again, my husband is an adult. Edited to add- hey, it’s not because I’m not beautiful- he just wouldn’t refer to me that way. :smiley:

I have no idea what Fiddy looks like, but I do know that a lot of inner-city youth dress like their favorite rappers. Meh.

A hint- drunk white people do that all the time! :wink:

Nothing to doing with being a thug, unfortunately.

Again- what the hell does a pigeon coop have to do with the “thug life?”

Verdict- lame justification for your stereotyping of your new neighbors.

So, lessee:

VCO3 starts a thread in IMHO about a problem he’s hesitant to act on, then in post #26 of that thread, he drops the real reason he’s hesitant.

  1. If hesitancy was the real reason for the OP and the Loud, Threatening Black Thugs were the reason for the that hesitancy, why not mention that in the OP?

  2. This OP came right after a thread of his got moved to the Pit (where he mentioned race right off the bat) and then he came to the Pit to refuse to participate anymore because he knew he could get called on his shit there. Seems to me he carefully crafted his IMHO OP to avoid this.

  3. Now that he’s been pitted, he conveniently has a long list of ubiquitous sucky neighbor/Black neighbor behavior to validate his position (never mentioned in the original OP and reason enought to either go to the landlord about or, together, valid enough to be a part of the OP in IMHO).

If you guys aren’t on to his attention whore/racist/troll act by now, perhaps the Dope isn’t full of those intelligent, discerning members everybody keeps saying exist here.

FWIW, I’m a former pot smoker and still open-minded: I wouldn’t want those types of constant smells interfering with my quiet enjoyment of my apartment either, but VCO3’s act smells entirely of something else.

And who says, just because we say hello to people, they have to say hello to us? Happens to me all the time and I hate people (of any race) who this, but should they be evicted/sent to jail because of that?

I’m also having trouble figuring out why all of this evidence of thuggish behavior was left out of not only the OP, but the original “thuggish black guys” post, which cited only one tenant’s loudness during cellphone calls. If these guys were doing all of the rest of that stuff (the part about dressing like 50 Cent comes with the territory for a lot of rap fans, so I don’t see how that makes them “thuggish”), why didn’t VCO3 mention it earlier? Seems like all of that stuff is pretty hard to forget. If he didn’t mention it because he knew it would get him labeled “racist”, well, maybe that’s telling.

Look, VCO3, I actually enjoy reading your posts most of the time. Mostly as a form of lowbrow humor, but nevermind that; I remember a few occasions when you were pithy and on point, like the rant about the woman who let her little kids run around tearing up your workplace. And I recognize that “racist” is an incredibly unpleasant label to wear, which is why, even after all the evidence to the contrary, I’m willing to be eventually convinced that you’re not a racist (any more so than the rest of us, anyway). My own parents, like others mentioned, grew up in a racially homogenous environment and I don’t consider them racists when they spout some mildly ignorant crap (“He’s a nice guy–he doesn’t act black” is one of my favorites).

But this still smells pretty bad to me, and I can’t see any other explanation at this point.

Racism or not, I for one would be fucked off having neighbours that act like that.

When I first moved to the Northeast (eventually settling in New York City), I was curious about and fascinated with Jewish culture, since I had never really known any Jewish people growing up.

However, I never prefaced any of my questions about Jews with the phrase, “In addition to being curious about you guys mutilating, sacrificing and drinking the blood of dead babies . . .”

Well, not *every time *anyways.

I’ve been loathe to apply the label racist, but that word also implies misguided and willful misunderstanding about another group too, not necessarily hatred. And that’s what I see in the way he phrases his “Why do Black People . . .” threads.

VCO3, perhaps if you knock on their door and when they open it, just spit on their joint and put it out, your problem would be solved.

Wouldn’t you include those important characteristics–if, indeed, they existed–when complaining about those neighbors and asking for how to deal with them? Wouldn’t you call the cops if you suspected they were training dogs to fight, as VCO3 seems to imply with that “pigeon coop” stuff?

Ahy? don’t understand your comment.
Yes, I would include everything from the dope smoking, the lack of greetings and attempts to be friendly, the large vehicle taking up my potential parking spot, the loud music to the pigeon coop (pigeon noise and shit everywhere…nice). I’m not sure how I would deal with it, but I wouldn’t be happy.
In fact I have had neighbours that have been less than ideal…the thing I tell myself is that it is not because of ethnicity, it is because of socioeconomic status. However, I do have an understanding of why we link certain behaviours to certain ethnicities, if for example (in NZ) Pacific Islanders and Maori people in Auckland are over represented in the low socioeconomic groups, we tend to see them consistently doing certain behaviours.
I work with and mix with middle class educated Maori and Pacific Islanders but not everyone does.

I feel really out of the loop. What does a pigeon coop have to do with dog fights?

So, if these things are all aspects that you would obviously touch upon from the beginning, why did VCO3 not mention them until he got Pitted? Why did he only mention the pot–which, to a card-carrying NORML member like him, would be probably the least offensive thing? And, later, only the “nigger nigger” stuff, which sounds much less offensive than the dog training and the double parking?

Wouldn’t you be more likely to call your landlord and/or the cops than to try to find a peaceful, non-confrontational solution?

Of course. It’s a basic part of our psychology. We categorize people. That’s normal. I do it too–all the time, in fact. Like the song goes, everyone’s a little bit racist.

The order in which we’ve discovered these things, though–from least offensive to most offensive–and the fact that VCO3 only seemed to care about the least offensive ones at first, makes me seriously doubt the existence of the more offensive things. At the very least, I would not be surprised to find out that most of them are greatly exaggerated.

Fetus, in all fairness (lord knows why) to VCO3, he never mentioned dogs – only a pigeon coop.* If it (and the other new items) exists, presumably this violates some common area/no pets/nastiness code and, if legitimate, is a gripe I can get behind.

Otherwise, I do still stand by this Pit thread and everything you’ve said.

*All racing pigeon aficionados I’ve even known about were white and bet heavily on races, if that was where he was going with that (I don’t think he was, but there’s still time for him to post further transgressions as he comes up with them).