Vegans who are judgmental and vocal to you about it

Went to my gf’s family’s July 4th picnic. As we do every year, we brought a huge bowl of tortellini, black olives, artichoke hearts, and ranch dressing. As usual it was a hit.

A very nice girl came as the food was being set up. She brought cards she made (beautiful calligraphy) each saying “Vegan”. She wanted to make it easier for other vegans to choose their foods. Very thoughtful.

But I felt so bad for her. My tortellini dish had no meat, but the tortellini were cheese stuffed, plus the ranch dressing so I did not get a “Vegan” card. I felt bad. I walked around with her to help find who made what and it turns out the bottled water was the only thing there for vegans. There was Sangria, but it had a bit of honey. The woman who makes Sangria every year actually argued a bit about it. Even the plain old tossed salads were gussied up, one with minced pepperoni, one with salami. Burgers and hotdogs were out, as were the barbecue lamb meatballs. Poor vegan kid.