Venezuelan Navy ship shoots at and rams a cruise ship, sinks itself

A Venezuelan Navy ship tried to order a German cruise ship flying a Portuguese flag to follow it into a Venezuelan port. When the cruise ship’s captain refused, claiming he was in international waters, the Venezuelan ship fired it and rammed it. But the cruise ship, the RCGS RESOLUTE, is designed to cut through Antarctic ice, and has a reinforced hull. The Venezuelan ship sank.
There were no passengers on board the cruise ship.

Idiots. Everyone knows that’s what cruise missiles are for.

The OP’s link is paywalled, so here is a lengthy one that isn’t.

No it isnt.

It won’t let me read the entire article unless I sign up for a one-month free trial, and create an account on their site. Technically not a paywall, I suppose.

Try the article in Popular Mechanics

Or the one on FleetMon
This took place just off Tortuga… was Captain Jack Sparrow involved? :smiley:

Sounds like either state-sanctioned piracy or an outright act of war to me.

In either instance, Venezuela’s got some serious explaining to do.

Right now it seems like Venezuela and its Navy are being run by crazy, incompetent people, so I’m seeing this as a great Feel Good story. No one died, and the asshole who was trying to bully a big unaggressive guy punches himself in the face. And loses a 259’ warship.

Yea it does. That evil capitalist cruise ship was really a disguised CIA spy ship that was intruding upon Venezuela’s territory to steal their intelligence signals and toilet paper. The Venezuela’s ship’s captain bravely sacrificed his ship to send them packing!

“You are without doubt the worst captain I’ve ever heard of.” :smiley:

That’s an expensive asset. How deep is the water where this happened? Would they be likely to attempt a salvage operation?

But you have heard of me!

That’s a good link, with political background info and the Youtube promo video for the warship.

The site also has a story about Entire Crew Of A Russian Nuclear Submarine Is In Quarantine After COVID-19 Exposure.

I knew I’d be beat to this response.

Gonna need a bigger boat.

There is a relatively shallow bank, only 100 meters deep or a bit shallower, to the WNW of Isla Tortuga. That is the shallowest area in the vicinity and would prove a difficult challenge if the ship sank there.

But there is a hole to the WSW of the island that drops to more than 1400 meters… WAY too deep for salvage.

They might try to salvage some items, but probably not the ship itself. Even in a few hundred feet of water, such an operation is likely to cost substantially more than the value of what it can retrieve.
I note that with the right kind of sonar the sunken ship ought to be fairly easy to locate, which would help establish whether the incident happened in international waters.

This is a Monty Pyton skit become reality. Next up, an expedition to the twin peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“I thought there was only one peak, sir?”


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Well, that was classy.