Verdict in Michael Jackson's Doctor trial

Coming soon. Jurors are just entering the court room.

And the verdict is:


So, guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Apparently killing a pedophile pop star in California is a crime.

I wonder how much time Murray will get?

LOL!!! Funny.

For me, I would’ve just slapped the freak until he passed out and gotten assault charges. “I wanna sleep!! Waaaahhh!!!”

Still, Murray is simply a bad doctor. Your patient is famous, he’s demanding super drugs, tough shit, you don’t get any. He should’ve admitted him to a hospital to give that drug in the first place, and Murray damn well knew that.

Guilty indeed.

I long for the days when the “Special Report” popping up on broadcast networks actually meant something. Really, network executives, I could have waited another hour or two to find out some yahoo was found guilty of killing a celebrity.