Verdi's Requiem

That’s ok. I noticed too but was reveling in my praise to much to say anything.

I’m also adept at switching my too/to’s.


I’m sorry, I should have included you in my wistful sighs over being envied. I meant you, too, I just didn’t write it that way. Please forgive me!!

This whole thread is about people envying me!! It’s still a foreign concept to me.


Okay, you’re forgiven.
[sub]only if you take me to the concert < j/k >[/sub]

:smiley: Forgiven, and I’m still jealous.

Hey, do they charge for concert programs? If not, would you snag an extra one for me and I could pretend I went?!?!


Okay, okay…

The only other time I’ve been to the CSO was when the Vienna Symph. Orch. was visiting, so I don’t know if they charge for programs or not. If they are free, I actually remember in April to nab an extra one, I will do so!

[sub]I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this, next thing you know, I will be making my way outta there with stack of programs for all the Verdi doper-fans! Lordy, I must really be desperate for friends.[/sub]

Name the year you want! :smiley:

Ehhh…we’ve got a better choir… :wink: And if you think it’s loud in the audience, try standing next to the bass drum sometime. :eek:

Who are the soloists? I’ve been to/been in too many concerts ruined by a bad soloist, that I tend to check carefully before buying the tickets.

For jr8:

Deborah Voigt, soprano
Violeta Urmana, mezzo-soprano
Johan Botha, tenor
René Pape, bass

I’ve heard good things about D. Voight, from my composer-BF. Between now and April 24th, I hope to find a bit of info on these soloists. Do you know of anything, good or bad? They can’t be too terrible if they’re singingin with the CSO & Chorus. :slight_smile:


How about a '83? I’ve heard that was a good year for champagne, but rather hard to find now. shrug My alcoholic knowledge leans more to wines than champagnes, so I stick with what little good I know is out there. :slight_smile:

Melpomene, I sing with the Arizona State University Choral Union. Despite the name, it’s a community choral group. We sing with the Phoenix Symphony (actually, for reasons I won’t discuss here, we won’t be singing with them again for quite a while, if ever again) and the ASU Symphony. Gammage is an on-campus auditorium where the ASUSO performs.

Sounds like fun, strainger, I wish I could sing well enough to be with a group that has a fancy name like that! :wink:

I’m sorry to hear that something has arisen that means you guys won’t be singing with the Phoenix Symphony again. That’s too bad. :frowning:

My grandparents live outside Phoenix, so if I visit them anytime soon, I will try to remember finding you and checking out your choral group. You must be pretty decent if you got to sing with a big city symphony. :slight_smile: