Verizon FIOS Installation Question

FIOS will be coming over to the new house that we are going to be moving to. I previously had time warner road runner internet cable at my old place and when they installed it, they had to drill some holes in the wall and connect the wire to my computer which is a desktop.

When they install FIOS, i will need to have a computer there right in order for the internet to work? For example in order for my calbe internet to work, the wire has to be connectred to a computer whether desktop or laptop.

The thing is this. I will be bringing my laptop over. However, i will need the laptop with me and it wont be there anymore. Does that mean the internet won’t work if someone wants to use the wifi if the FIOS wire or cable isn’t connected to a computer of some sort?

Because if it does require it, i have a very old laptop that we never use anymore. Thus couldn’t we just use that computer to have the wires installed to that way the wifi would work?

okay so im going to bring my laptop there then. so when he does the installation, a cable wire of some sort will be connected to the laptop to do this installation and install the wifi correct?

So after this is all done, then no laptop would be connected and the wifi will still work. But if i wanted it wired connection, there will be a wire that connects it wired similar to how it is with my cable modem for our time warner road runner internet?

Another thing. Our new place has a basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. We basically want the internet to be on the 2nd floor. So obviously when they come and install it, it will be done in the 2nd floor correct or is there a chance it might not work and they have to pick the 1st floor etc.

We are only getting verizon fios in the new location. At our current location where we will be moving from soon, all we have is time warner cable road runner internet… no tv. So we have a modem that we had to buy because time warner cable charged a monthly fee to rent their RCA modem. I also have a linksys wrt54g router so we have that connected to a desktop computer and thus desktop is wired… the laptops use the wifi.

The thing is they will just install that verizon wireless router which would act as both a modem and router correct and thus i wouldnt need to buy anything else? I mean i will bring my current wireless router there and the cable modem but i assume that doesnt work for the fios?

The reason why i ask if the fios wireless router could be put in 2nd floor is b/c i want the desktop to be connected to it wired. The other laptops use wifi but the main one i want it wired. Also i know you could do wired by connecting an ethernet cable from router to computer but thing is i wouldnt want like a 30 feet wire in the house through the floor etc if you get what i mean.

Time warner cable doesn’t service in that area which is why we gettin FIOS. Also previous homeowner had the FIOS installed in the basement.

My installer brought his own laptop to configure everything. Told me the router and wifi names/passwords and all was good.

No need for your equipment, you won’t need to buy anything but a wired Ethernet outlet away from the router may be up to you.

You don’t need a computer for the installation. You would need a computer to test the installation, but presumably the technician doing the work will have one.

Verizon’s involvement ends at the modem/router they supply (or at least they supplied one to me).

I have no ideal where Verizon will be able to install their modem/router (i.e., where the cable will come out of the wall and how much cable they’re willing to run from there to the router). The router/modem I got from Verizon is wireless, but also has several Ethernet ports, so you could connect a computer that way. I have my smart TV connected via an Ethernet cable. Regular cable TV service comes via a coax cable from the wall to the set-top box, and then via HDMI cable from the box to the TV.

In my installation they installed a largish box inside, as opposed to one an outside wall (which was what they were planning), and connected a wireless router/modem to it. They has to drill a <1" hole in the wall to route the fiber optic cable.

To connect a computer, you can either do it wirelessly or directly via ethernet cable to the router. For a 2nd floor connection, you may have to route the cable yourself if they won’t. The installer did have us test with several computers before he left and did not have one of his own to test with. Both the guy who ran the fiber optic cable and the guy who installed the box and router were very helpful.