vermis auris: Gaudete

I cannot get this out of my head - our church choir sang it on sunday for Lessons and Carols, and it is stuck firmly in my head. I’ll probably never sing it again, either.


Ergo nostra contio
Psallat lam in lustro;
Benedicat Domino:
Salus Regi nostro.


And for something slightly different:

You can thank me for the earworm induced insanity later.

You know, SteelEye Span didn’t do much for me - they didn’t do much with the arrangement. We had some good contrast going between the mens and ladies voices (not enough mens voices, but that is pretty common in mixed choirs)

This was better. I know the words were different, but the musical arrangement was pretty cool.


I remember singing that, si. I don’t remember it being an earworm. Then again, it was several years ago.

I love Gaudete - that one that Horror put up was interesting. I’m not that keen on the Steeleye Span version either. By chance I was showing my adult lady English students Gaudete today; we started talking about English (as in British) traditions and we got onto wassailing, carols, etc so I got out my computer and started searching around Youtube for stuff to show them.

Moving this MPSIMS --> Cafe Society, proper habitat of earworms.

We do Gaudete every year too.

I love Steeleye Span’s rendition, although the album version is better than the live one. The only problem with the former is the fade-in, fade-out. That happened because either the engineer or the producer couldn’t stand the song, and wanted to sabotage it. It became a surprise hit in Britain anyway.

I have a Steeleye Span compilation that doesn’t have the fades. It’s better, yet after years of listening to them, I miss them when they’re not there.

The earworm has moved on, fortunately. We have so much on at the moment -

Community Carols in the next village two weeks ago (that was our Community Choir, and we sang during the mulled wine afterwards),
Carols and Lessons last Sunday (extended Church Choir),
we have an Ordination to sing at this Sunday (Church Choir again, not so christmassy),
our village Community Carols (Community Choir) on Monday,
and the School Christmas Concert next Thursday (Community Choir, not really christmas stuff).

And Carols in the pub on Christmas Eve. It’s all go, and I’d love to find some people at work to carol round our building, but I think it is now too late.