Veronica Mars Movie!

Anyone else extremely excited by the upcoming VMars movie?

I was a huge fan of the show, and all the leaked footage and trailers are giving me high expectations for an exercise in wish fulfillment and fun times. I can’t wait to spend some time with these characters again.

I feel like the TV show was brewed with a special elixir of “things that DaphneBlack will love” and was very sad when it ended (and the way it was jerked around).

I basically wanted to be Veronica, minus all the trauma, when I was in high school. And possibly even before that.

Apparently, a series of novels is going to follow the movie. I am curious to see if Rob Thomas is as good a novelist as he is a scriptwriter.

I love Veronica Mars and I’m cautiously excited about the movie.

Rob Thomas has actually already written a few novels (although all young adult books I think). I first read Rats Saw God when I was in 8th grade and I’ve read it about once a year ever since. (That means I’ve read it about 20 times!) The book is well written and apparently really captured what being a teenager in the '90s was like, since it obviously struck a chord with me. I’m not sure how it would come across to an adult today, but I would highly recommend checking it out.

ETA: The Amazon page for Rats Saw God is for the second edition which came out in 2007, but I first read the book when it first came out in 1996.

I’m a big fan of the show (I’ve actually been re-watching the seasons on Prime recently) and I’m interested in the movie. I’ve only got one wish for the script myself - I’d like to learn that Mac has a relationship with her birth mother and kid sister. If, in doing this, she takes Madison down a peg, all the better. :slight_smile:

And it’d be nice to see a chat with Cliff since they’ve made her a lawyer - he must get a kick out of that.

I kick started it at the lowest level to get a reward. Don’t know if I will see it in the theatre though.


I’m a fifty-dollar backer (and I have the T-shirt and stickersto prove it!)

I wasn’t a fan before I heard about the Kickstarter campaign. A friend had recommended the show for years, but for some reason I could never get past the first couple of scenes of the pilot. The Kickstarter buzz got me curious again and the show really grabbed me. Being filmed around my old San Diego haunts was a big plus, along with the charismatic cast and snappy dialog full of pop-culture references.

The last couple weeks have been pretty exciting, with Rob Thomas posting updates every couple of days. I got a big kick out of the EW Valentines Day cover! I’m really looking forward to seeing the project come to fruition. See you at the movies, fellow marshmallows!

I was out of the country when the whole Kickstarter thing was going on, or I would have totally been in.

I also loved the EW cover!

I am really impressed how they seem to have been able to convince just about everyone to come back for the movie. Though I guess other than Bell and Colantoni they haven’t been that busy…

I totally agree that it would be great for Mac to have contact with her birth family.

And I just saw news that Kickstarter has been hacked…so I’m not quite as smug as I was an hour and a half ago. :frowning:

Majorino and Dohring have worked pretty steadily, Daggs has been less busy but still working. I knew Bell would come back to start in a feature, but I was really expecting to learn Keith Mars was dead. I liked Colantoni on the show, but always thought he was slumming a bit and wouldn’t return to it.

The Mac storyline being dropped always bugged me, especially since it was introduced in only her 2nd appearance on the show and ignored for 2.5 seasons, despite her role getting larger every year. What teenager discovers she was switched at birth, meets her birth family, and never says or does anything about it again? The closing scene with her birth mother driving by her house is one of the most powerful from the series.

Yeah, I forgot that Majorino has actually got a nice career going. I love her interaction with Wallace in the trailer. I do hope they make some reference to that. Maybe that will have something to do with Veronica punching Madison!

And I agree about the scene with Mrs Sinclair.

What has Dohring been up to?

Does anyone know anything about Ryan Hansen’s web series/spinoff thing?

I’ve seen Dohring in a few tv series, but nothing that ever lasted more than a season or two. He was in a decent vamp show called Moonlight first, playing someone from ancient Rome who’d been turned as a teen.

I’ve heard Hansen wants to continue playing Casablancas, which I can’t see building a show around.

I’m keeping my thoughts relatively spoiler free. I’ll probably mention a cameo or two, but nothing about the plot.

The long awaited (I mean really long. The show has been off the air for almost 7 years now) Veronica Mars movie is out in theaters now. I saw it today and I loved it almost as much as I love the show. The story of what happened to everyone since they graduated Neptune High was interesting, and they did a good job of telling it. Happily, they didn’t waste too much time on catching us up on the last ten years. But, I did enjoy how they clued us in to back story with little clues here and there. They focused on Logan’s current murder problem and Veronica’s movement back into her PI roots. With a little old fashioned corrupt cop story to fill in the blanks.

The movie looked at addiction a lot, and it also looked at how people are both able to change, and unable to change.

The mystery was well developed with answers that fit perfectly with what we knew beforehand. Veronica’s route to solving the problem made sense, and there didn’t seem to be any leaps of logic that took me out of the movie. And, the chemistry? It’s still there! All of the actors work really well together.

I loved the movie, but I do have a couple of complaints. The scene between Veronica and Leo/Schmidt was fun, but seemed utterly superfluous to the plot. It really seemed like an excuse for a cameo. But, it was fun and it did move the plot a long a little bit, it just seemed a bit jarring compared to how well the rest of the movie hung together. The Weevil story didn’t get nearly enough time. And, the ending? There seemed to be too many loose ends. Of course, I withdraw that complaint once the sequel is announced.

As a fan of the show I thought it was an excellent return to Neptune and the world of Veronica Mars. I thought they did a good job of bringing us back into the world, and giving us what we, as fans, would like to see. But, I also thought it was a movie good enough to draw people who have never seen a second of the show without much of a need to actually see the original. But, I’m guessing if you like it, you will go back and seek out the three seasons.

Oh, and the cameos?! Great stuff! But, James Franco’s was the best. Terrifically funny. And, actually plot related? Kudos!

I loved Veronica Mars when it was on, or rather I loved, then liked, then liked it when it was on :wink: and I didn’t even realize that fans were Marshmallows.

Going to see it tonight, and I can’t wait. I didn’t actually watch the show when it was on but caught it on DVD a few years later, stopped for a while, and just plowed through the third season last weekend. It’s the kind of show I wish had been on tv when I was a smartass teenager who wanted to solve mysteries. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t know anything about Veronica Mars. But I appreciate the solicitation.

I’m on the road, so I can’t get my backer exclusive digital download, but I plan on seeing it on Monday. I did, however, pay a visit to the Sunset Cliffs Inn yesterday in honor of the movie’s release.

I saw it tonight with my wife.

Well, it’s a Veronica Mars episode through and through and a decent one. I would not rate this in the top 10 episodes of the show, but they did a good job and everyone in it was excellent. It’s weird to see a major mystery be developed and wrapped up quickly.

It’s kind of like a season long mystery being done in one two-hour episode.


Was the crooked police force mainly unconnected to the murder mystery? If so, that was left kind of unresolved. I assume Keith will try running for sheriff again, considering new-Lamb is going to be most likely fired.

Uh, did Weevil rejoin his motorcycle gang at the end of this movie? I swear I saw him getting back on his bike at the end. I thought he was done with that stuff.

And spoilerish thoughts:

I can’t believe Gia was involved and that now Woody Goodman’s daughter is also dead. I assumed it would not be her at all in the end and that it would be something else entirely.

And finally,

I’m kind of sad she ends up with Logan again…but I do like that she is back in Neptune and it looks like she will be an investigator again.

I hope they make a sequel and make this a series.

Yup. Mostly unconnected and left unresolved, but they were working on it (Mac got Sheriff Lamb’s tax returns). The only connection was New Sheriff’s Lamb absolute disregard for the law when he said “I don’t care what happened if I think you’re guilty and America thinks you are guilty, you’re guilty.”
I guess Keith could run for Sheriff again. Or maybe they will just continue to right injustices from their Mars Investigations perch.
Hopefully we will learn more in the sequel!

Yup! That was sad. It wasn’t made explicit why he rejoined. But, one reason was to crack heads and make sure the witness who was lying against him would have as much to fear from him, as he did from the police. But, he might also feel that if he is going to be accused of being a criminal. I really thought this whole plot was undeveloped, and it was an odd way to shorehorn in Mrs. Kane. But, at least she is still evil on all cylinders! Some things never change.
Hopefully we will get more development in the sequel!

Loved all the cameos – esp. the music cameo, where the street musician in NYC was playing the theme song.

Very satisfying.

Bump for the opening of the movie!
I loved it! It was everything I hoped for and more. Really good; felt like an excellent three-part episode really. No spoilers yet, but I’ll just say there’s plenty more left in the tank for novels, more movies, some kind of TV thing…