vertical bookmarks column in firefox?

I have searched for answers and have come up empty.

I have recently switched from IE to Firefox.

I dislike the horizontal bookmarks toolbar. I want a left-side vertical favorites column like I had in IE. If I hit ctrl B in firefox, I get pretty much what I want. But that column disappears as soon as I open a new window. I wish I could make it a permanent part of my browser.

I have a 17’’ widescreen laptop, so I have vertical space to spare and would really appreciate some help with this issue.

I know that there is a firefox extension called ‘vertical bookmarks toolbar,’ but this doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for.

Might be switching back to IE just to get this feature back unless you guys can help.


Well, i don’t know what settings of yours are different from mine, but when i use CTRL-B to open the bookmarks column, it does NOT go away when i open a new window.

Hmmm. It goes away for me. I’m guessing that there’s a setting that locks the sidebar? I just can’t find it.

v3.0.5 btw

Me too.

I can find no setting for this in the regular Options, nor in the about:config tools.

Very mysterious.

I restarted my computer and now the sidebar does not go away when I open a new window. Don’t know why it was doing that before. Thanks for your help. I should have restarted my comp earlier.

Problem resolved.