Very first thread

I’m sure all evidence disappeared in The Winter of Our Missed Content, but does anyone remember the subject of the very first thread (either on the AOL site or the current site)? How many replies it got, etc.?

Just guessing, but it was probably a post in ATMB saying we were back in business.

Could be wrong, though. That was a long time ago, memory’s a funny thing.

Why would the very FIRST thread say were BACK in business? Doesn’t that imply that we had been in business before and therefore this would not be the FIRST thread.

The very first thread, or at least the thread having thread id #1 (, had a subject of New Guy in Town and the first post said simply:

Of course, IIRC, when the board moved from UBB software to vBulletin, the thread numbering was a bit screwy, so that’s almost definitely not the first thread.

Oh, you mean the very first from AOL?

That was most likely a post from Ed stating that the board was open for business. In each of our two forum areas: General Questions and Comments on Cecil’s Columns.

We used to divide up the entire world like that. Thems were the days.

Once upon a time, the SD was a message forum on AOL. It migrated from there to the web in March 1999.