Very important question about The Legend of Zelda

yes, the original. Old, old video game. I’ve beaten it many many times over the years, as I think we all have. Here’s the problem. Second Quest. After you beat it once, then what?Very few people I know have ever made it throught the second quest. I am very close to doing it for the first ime. but I can’e find level 9. It’s making me nuts. Please help if you can. I think I’ve looked everywhere. bombed every rock, burned every tree and bush, blown my whistle in every screen. HELP!!!


flup and shit

Ahh–it brings joy to my wretched little heart when I see somebody showing an interest in the ‘old’ video games.

From the starting point, go right 1 screen, up 5 screens, left, up, left 5 screens, up, and left 2 more screens.


I think maybe it is time for a new console system. I will donate $1 towards the purchase of a PS2. Sorry I can’t help with your zelda question, but I haven’t played that since Jr. high.

Or can’t you use the whistle? I think it’s near level seven or eight on game 2.

Ah…zelda. What a great game. Been probably, oh, 10 years since I’ve played it. Ashtar I hope you looked that up or have played it recently. To remember the directions exactly like that is downright scary. Ubergeek! :slight_smile:

I have to disagree about buying a new system. Right now, the older systems are STILL giving me much joy, and tend to be far cheaper then PS2. Anyone still play Legacy of the Wizard?

The 9th level on the second quest is in the top-left corner of the map. Use a bomb near the left-hand side of the screen (I think).

Nothing new happens after you beat the second quest, but you do get to claim that you beat it. That’s an accomplishment to be proud of.

Ashtar and ultra, turns out you’re both right. Thank you oh-so-much.

Gannon is my bitch.

Really? So, are you implying that a game ceases to be good the minute a newer system is released? I hope not, because that would mean I’ve been wasting time playing Ocarina of Time since Dreamcast was released. :rolleyes:

I love that game! It’s prolly the only video game I ever truly enjoyed playing! [sub]next to Quix, of course[/sub]


you can find anything you want to know about it at

I didn’t imply that at all. I was just surprised that someone still plays NES. I will now withdraw my $1 donation while I long for days for Atari 2600 and Donkey Kong.

Just checking. I tend to get a little ruffled when someone seems to dis old games merely because they’re old. And for longing for an Atari 2600, well you should :wink:

Giving Flup grief for still playing with the NES? You think that’s bad? I’m still playing Star Castle and Berserk! on my old Vectrex!

Ashy plays with the Space Duel cabinet in his apartment.

They don’t make video games like they used to. :slight_smile:

chants Zelda! Zelda! Zelda!

Yes, many hours of my childhood were devoted to the good old Zelda. In fact, I might purchase an old Nintendo game console for shits and giggles and play the old-old Zelda games and Mario Bros games and stuff on it.

Does anyone else still have the Zelda song stuck in their heads after all of these years?

Broken Doll – you may not have to purchase the entire old NES unless you really want to have the full experience. You can find emulators that will run on your very own computer (assuming you have one of your own); some are free and don’t run all the games, some you pay for and they do a better job. Your controller is the keyboard, and an added bonus for most of these is that you can save anywhere in the game (often you have to pay to get that option), since it’s an emulator. You can pause it anywhere without disturbing a thing, play in a window or on the full screen, or whatever.

HOWEVER, you can’t legally play the games on the emulator unless you actually own the game. As far as I know, the emulators themselves are not illegal, but you can only play a game you actually own – you can either upload the ROM yourself (for which you’d probably need the system, or something else that can read the cartridge) or find available ROMs at places around the web. I don’t think there’s anything illegal about getting a copy from someone else of something you can legally own a copy of.

Of course the ease of using an emulator and finding the files to download also makes it easy to abuse for people who don’t have a right to own the software. For that reason, nobody here should be providing you with any links to ROM sites, including myself. I’m actually a supporter of abandonware, but both its illegality at present and the SDMB’s position are very clear.

Zelda 2 is probably the one game that I spent a ton of time on but could never beat. The last level is just impossibly hard. I think I got to the shadow guy a few times, but I never had enough energy left to even come close to beating it. Damn that game.

Jesus. If that’s the game I’m thinking of (There’s like, various members of the family, and their pet, running around a giant maze-like board, and each of 'em has their little artifact to find), it was my undoing. Lives there a man who could beat it without extensive consultation of Nintendo Power? Especially the mother’s level. I still haven’t beaten it.