Very odd weather we have here

It’s weird weather day here in Michigan. There are small scattered showers all over the southern part of the state. Very small. How small?

The sun is shining in my window, and yet it’s raining, but only in the front yard. Not the back. The neighbor’s driveway behind us is dry. The line of demarcation appears to be our house.

Anyone else ever experience highly localized weather phenomena like this?

Yep. I’ve seen rain one one side of the street and not the other and rain on one side of the house and not the other. I also manged to one out run a wall of rain that suddenly appeared at one end of the playground when I was a kid. I just beat it to the shelter.

That is so weird. I mean, it’s been raining on and off today, but it’s been raining on and off over the whole city.

It’s like those cartoons with the little raincloud floating over someone’s head. :slight_smile: