Veterinarians, can you translate these ultrasound findings for me?

Mysti, Madame Pukes-A Lot, had another ultra sound done today and these were the findings the vet told me about and sent me a printed copy of. We are still trying to get a handle on just WHAT is happening here.

The vet who did the ultra sound thinks this is just a rare congenital abdormality and is not playing a roll in with the currant problem.

Both my vet and the ultra sound vet think this MAY be a UTI, but they are not 100% sure due to Mysti showing no signs of one.

The above was found in the intestinal tract. All other findings were normal.

So, does this point to any single thing?

I’m not a vet. I’ve just spent a lot of time with a lot of animals.

Are they saying that she doesn’t have a gallbladder at all or that she has one, but it’s abnormal? I would want to know if by abnormal, they mean, “malfunctioning”. Because a malfunctioning galbladder is the pits - but it’s an easy fix.

Intestinal motility disorders are a real thing, and range from mild irritable bowel to serious obstructions. This would explain Mysti’s constipation a while back.

See here for a discussion of intestinal motility disorder in humans -

And here are a couple links for dogs -

Your vet should be familiar with these terms. This should be helpful information for her.

No gallbladder at all, nothing but empty space. Both her and the ultra sound person couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Thanks for the links.

Lacking a gallbladder altogether is sufficiently weird that I’d be tempted to want to stick a small small camera in there and see what’s going on. That’s probably overkill. OTOH, you should ask the vet about bile duct disease, bile duct obstruction and/or ruptures.

Not having a gallbladder is not a huge deal but there are dietary restriction and other care for those of us who are gallbladderless. If Mysti is just a harmless anomaly, (and it’s certainly possible), she’ll still need to proceed as if she’s had her gallbladder removed. You’ll want to talk to your vet about how to care for a dog that lacks gallbladder function.