Veterinary question: reaction to neutering?

First, a bit of background: my parents neutered our Doberman a week ago, and we’ve been looking for another dog for after our German Shepard moves in with my sister. The Doberman has met a couple of Rottie bitches, and keeps trying to mount them. How long will it take for his hormones to calm down?

(If it matters, he’s 7)

I have no idea what the answer is, but I’m willing to bet that if we’re talking about neutering, it’s going to be importatnt if you’re talking about 7 weeks, months or years.

7 years?

He may never stop mounting, especially if they waited that long to neuter him. His behavior’s been pretty well set now. Also, only some “mounting” is done out of sexual urge - most mounting is done by a dog trying to demonstrate dominance over the mounted dog. That isn’t likely to change with neutering.

I just had some kitties fixed at the Humane Society, and the after-care sheet they gave me says that male cats and dogs can remain fertile for as long as 10 days after surgery. Maybe it’s just that his system is still working.

If I remember correctly, my vet told me it takes around 6 months for the hormones to completely leave the system - i.e. the male cat could still react to a female in heat. However, if he is 7 years old, especially if he was bred frequently, the behavior may be as much habit as hormone and may not change at all, or only lessen slightly.

I need to correct myself: looking at the Humane Society sheet again, ten days is the amount of time females may still attempt to breed after spaying. According to them, males can actually remain fertile for three to four weeks after surgery.