I picked up this game for my PS2 recently and have been having a blast. It has some minor continuity problems within the game that really bother me. For example, I hate every time you get a heart and have the game saved, it doesn’t let you continue from where you stopped. Though the game is still good overall so the nitpicks are only minor. The one thing that I don’t have any gripes about is the music. This is some of the most top notch in game music that I have yet to hear. It is crystal clear and sounds like an actual symphonic recording with interesting melodic and harmonic work. I would say this would be top notch. It is the only video game music I would consider listening to away from the game.

However, I have one problem and it isn’t covered over at gamefaqs since they don’t have an FAQ for it yet. I can’t seem to find the wing power up. Anyone play the game, know where I can find that? I am at 21 hearts so far (I would have been farther but one of my friends accidently erased my game saves) so if you can’t get it within one of the levels I have opened yet, I guess I am out of luck then.