VH1 Behind The Music

Count me in as a fan. I don’t even have to like the artist. Or the politics. I just enjoy hearing about how people got to where they are.

Here’s two groups I would love to see featured:

  1. Humble Pie - raw rock at it’s finest in the late 60’s and early 70’s (plus, one of their main men is dead, always a plus for VH1BTM);
  2. XTC - masters of british pop who have not toured for almost 19 years.

I wonder if the decision to make a show is purely dependent on how easy it is to find interviews and footage…

I’m with you. Fellow addict. I’d love to see XTC. Damn, what a great idea. What a great band. I thought they’d done Humble Pie. Maybe I’m off though, that’s not unusual.
We only just got VH1 out here in the boonies, so I’m sure I’ve missed some really good BTM. Have they done Cream? Or Jethro Tull? Or Kate Bush? Am I the only person who’d watch those?

How about Sublime? They did Dr. Dre, why not Sublime? They had drugs, Bradley Nowell had a kid, so there was most likely some sex, Nowell ended up dying from a drug overdose, and then the remaining members go and form a new band (Long Beach Dub All-Stars) even though it’s not that good. Sublime is still awesome though.

The Cat Stevens show is just about the only one I’ve seen that was not of the sex/drugs/death variety. Yeah, Sublime would be a good one. They were poster boys for the genre. I was highly entertained by the Chili Pepper show, too. How their guitarist came out of the positive end of a heroin addiction I’ll never know. He was interviewed at his prime as a user, and he looked like he was 2 days from death.

Janes’ Addiction would be another good subject. A short-lived group, but full of character(s).

They need to do:

Iron Maiden
Golden Earring
my god they’ve done newer bands that haven’t been around long at all and they skip THESE bands? I used to watch it all the time no matter who was on until they started doing all the new crap that really doesn’t need to be done now.

They had an hour and a half one about Cat Stevens a couple months back. Very interesting, and it kind of restored my faith in that show. I think if they hear enough about other bands, they might do a show on them. It’s amazing what these bands go through. Even though they may have a cheezy act nowadays, or their music never did it for me in the first place, I still have the utmost respect for bands and musicians that go through the business and fame wringer and are still alive and still play.

They should do a “Behind the Album” - XTC’s Skylarking being the pilot. What a great story (In short band (esp. Partridge) vs autocratic producer (Rundgren) - lots of head-banging, quitting, and misery creating an album that’s just an absolute gem).

On a side note, I caught one of their other shows “Sound Affects” - and this one girl was going on about how she was dancing and feeling the music and felt like the music was coming out of her fingertips and she felt like she was having an orgasm but it wasn’t really an orgasm and my wife looked over at me with a “man, this girl is CRAZY” look on her face.

I said with a grin: “Actually, that’s EXACTLY what it’s like when I’m playing.” (I’m a drummer) - when it’s really happening, anyway.

Of all the music shows I’ve watched over the last ten years, I’ve never heard that feeling so well articulated, so I’ll have to count myself as a fan of that show, too. I don’t how long I can watch people talk about their special moments, though.

Didn’t we just do this? XTC would be great. It’s got a titanic label struggle, a nervous breakdown, money trouble, and a fantastic new album. All great, high drama. The only drawback being that they haven’t toured since, when?, 1982?

They should also…definetly do Skinny Puppy, it’s a perfect Behind The music story, filled with drugs, drugs, drugs, and fake vivisections, oh and more drugs, along with an overdose/suicide.