Victims of therapy abuse?

I’ve been doing lots of reading on the net about sexual boundary ‘violations’ by psychotherapists (mostly male) and how this supposedly impacts disastrously on the clients (who are predominantly female.) While I’m not denying that there are cases where seriously unscrupulous practitioners abuse their power and privilege, I suspect that many women only cry foul when:
a) the therapist tries to cool things or
b) he doesn’t turn out to be the ‘perfect’ person she imagined or
c) when they realize there is more sympathy, noteriety or money to be made from taking on the ‘victim’ persona.
I’m also concerned that in a misguided attempt to re-empower women after such ‘abuse’ is alleged to have taken place, the medical and legal boffins actually DIS-empower them by encouraging this sort of victim/survivor mentality. Whatever happened to adults taking responsibility for their own silly behaviours? Has anybody got any thoughts on this matter? By the way, I’m a female who holds many radical feminist views, but this issue sees me swimming against the ‘sisterhood’ tide.

Umm. As you’ve chosen to put this topic in GD, would you like to give us a few links to sites which support your personal viewpoint? Heck, would you like to let us now what your personal viewpoint (as opposed to that of “some people”) is and what evidence you have found to support it?

If you don’t want to do that, then this thread probably belongs in IMHO.

It doesn’t matter when the patient cries foul, it’s always abuse. A patient seeking therapy is messed-up to start out with(or else they wouldn’t be seeking therapy) and more than a little vulnerable and probably pretty confused as to what his/her feelings are. The therapist is in a postion of power over someone who came to him for help.
Any therapist who initiates a personal, sexual relationship with a patient, or who allows the patient to initiate it, has done that patient a great disservice. If the therapist is interested, said therapist should stop treating the patient and have them find a new therapist.

Ya mean like the therapist taking responsibilty???

A link