Video from Nepal

Why does it look so different from the usual news video? I assume it’s the kind of videotape, or is it the transmission? I’m speaking here of the video from the streets, not the coronation. It didn’t appear to be through a videophone, it was just…different. Sort of like when a sitcom has shots outside…

Not sure what footage you’re seeing but if it’s last night’s ABC Network News then it’s BBC stuff they’re using. The quality is relatively poor and this is just a WAG as to why:

The Authorities in Nepal have temporarily banned broadcasts from the Indian satellite broadcasting companies and this may extend to all satellite stuff for the moment (because of social instability). My guess is the footage is coming out via phone lines rather than via a dish because of that reason or because the local TV broadcasters are pretty primitive (i.e. there’s nothing to hook up with) and the portable dishes are not allowed in the country – the BBC has a sizeable operation down the road in India but I imagine they’re having trouble getting the tech stuff up the mountain road and into Nepal for the moment.

Having been there, I know even the phone lines are seriously old tech.

Also, I’m not tech savvy enough to comment on the digital / analogue issues (the footage doesn’t seem to be digital).

BTW, I thought the reporting itself was very high quality stuff. Don’t know if other broadcasters are kicking in yet.