Video Game dreams! (Long)

Ever been so addicted to a particular game that when you go to sleep, you can still see the graphics (or the text dialogue for RPGs)? I have.

I’ve also had dreams about certain video games. Of course, since their dreams, some of them have been forgotten or I remember them only in fragements(like a Ramza/Delita of Final Fantasy Tactics dream or Camus/Miklotov of Suikoden 2 ) and some of them, I can remember in detail. Some of them are rather prophetic, like my dream that I played Xenogears and it was awesome. It was. Same thing happened with Secret of Mana.

The ones I remember in detail were the ones that I just HAD to write down. Quite a few of them are Suikoden 2-3 dreams and obviously, the Sui3 would, hopefully, be prophetic. There’s no spoilers, so don’t worry about those.

Dream one:

Involved Jowy and Siren(hero 2). They were escaping from Matilda on horses and they faught through all the soldiers and knights. Somehow they were knocked off their horses and a white CAR appears(it’s a dream…). Jowy gets behind the wheel and speeds off with his friend, running over anyone who gets in the way. Then, Jowy and Siren, having escaped are very relieved.

Dream two:

Is NOT a Suikoden 2 dream, but a Brigandine one. Brigandine is a rare strategy game made by Atlus and it is wonderful! Anyway, there was a scenario on there that I tried to avoid at all costs because I feared that I would hate it. In my sheer stupidity, I saved it for last and knew that I would have to play eventually because, hey, you might as well get the most of a game, yes? The scenario was Norgard with a young man named Vaynard as the leader. That night, I had a dream about Norgard. I read about how horribly sexist it was and how women were treated like dirt. I talked about how I never wanted to visit there and yet, I ended up going there. It turns out that the realm wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Then, the dream switched over to Vaynard himself and his friend, Guinglain. They were traveling and Guinglain was, at first, driving a carriage, but then Vaynard bumped him over because he wanted to drive. After awhile, they were attacked and Vaynard falls into a lake, where he almost drowned, but was saved by his friend.

When I woke up, I played the Norgard scenario and it turned out to be one of my favorites. Hehehe…
Dream three was odd and a combination of characters:

It involved, Ialu of Elemental Gearbolt(It’s an obscure shooter that is wonderful), Luc (Suikoden), some other people that I don’t quite remember, a neglected anime site that I supposedly made and yet people, including some online buddies, who continued to treat as though the site were still active.

Anyway, it takes place in a Star Wars/Suikoden universe. Sasarai(also Suikoden) has kidnapped me, puts me in his car and begins chasing Luc and Ialu. He turned out to be quite a good driver, manages to capture everyone else and because I’m weird, I ended up attracted to him, go figure.

While imprisoned, all I remember is looking at the anime site that I had long neglected and people were still signing the guestbook telling me about how much they liked my site and my rants, one of them was Auro Liffey( or Daowajan on LJ and here). Then, I updated the site before Ialu comes back in drag and comes up with a plan to escape. We do so, then Sasarai appears. He’s not wearing his priest clothes. Instead, he’s wearing the white outfit that Amidala wore in AOTC, complete with the midriff showing. Yummy…and he also had a nice tattoo on his right arm! He acts all sarcastic towards Luc and they pull out their light sabres. They fight a wonderful fight that was too short and Sasarai is defeated. No one believes he is dead.

And he wasn’t because at the end of the dream, I remember asking him how many tattoos he had and he said, “Quite a few, want to see them?”

Then I woke up! AHAHAHHAHA!!

Dream 4:

It involved the cast from both Personas. I was in a group with Tatsuya and Songlian(Persona 1) hero and somehow we ended up going to a VNV Nation concert in the school auditorium. It was packed to the ceiling. As usual, it was a great show with a lot of energy. I was trying to get pictures of Ronan and he saw me. He ran to me and gave me a BIG HUG!

One of the songs had Ronan and Mark singing in a duet! AHAHAHAH!!! Mark sounded really nice, but he was quieter than Ronan. Then, Ronan and Mark joined the group! We ended up going to some storage area where Ronan moved a toy car made with great detail. That action revealed one of those small European like cars with the flashy colors. The ones that are really easy to park because they’re so compact? The ones I have an ambilvalent attitude towards? Yea, one of those. Anyway, he drove us around Ft. Walton or some other nice beach area. It was very weird. And that’s about all I can remember.

Dream 5:

Involved the cast of FF3 and we explored (or flew over) a sprawling metropolis and I saw a beautiful male with red hair and green eyes staring up at me. It was one of my characters from one of my worlds. Weird…but very beautiful…
Dream 6:

This one involves two characters of Star Ocean 2. I’m paranoid of spoilers, so I’ll just call them “the red head” and the “one with white hair”.

He and his friend, the one with the white hair were fighting the Borg and the duo wins. The red head sees a beam of light that shines between the ceiling cracks and he moves toward the light. Then, he captures the light between his hands and it disappears.

Dream 7(I didn’t want to take any chanced since it’s a Suikoden 3 dream)

[Spoiler]This one is about Ceaser and Thomas of Suikoden 3. At first, it started out with a ton of ego problems on Thomas’ part. He simply didn’t want a 15 year old punk-looking, queer-looking, stoned-looking, poorly dressed, cocky kid being Head Strategist.

To me, it’s always been Head Stratiegist=THE TRUE LEADER. Can you imagine someone like Ceaser being the true leader? However, one cannot judge someone solely by age or looks. Ceaser is a tactical genius and seems to have a VAST amount of knowledge on history.

Despite that, Thomas has a problem with Ceaser and isn’t afraid to let him know it. He even goes so far as to try and discredit Ceaser, which causes a LOT of problems. As a result, they get into a huuuuge argument where Ceaser shouts (ala Torch Song Trilogy), “I know you’d rather I be someone else, but I’m not!!!” That short circuts Thomas. Ceaser goes on to say, “I know you want someone like Mathiu or Shu or maybe even Leon,” he shruggs. “But, you got me instead, I’m sorry and I’m not going anywhere, so you may as well get used to me.” Then, he walks off leaving poor Thomas to ponder.[/Spoiler]

And that’s about all I can think of…rather detailed in some cases, eh? Eheheh…Yea, I’ve been playing too much. HEEEH!

My nearest contender was clearly inspired from Descent 2, as it involved me chasing a vague shape through a twisting corridor and dizzying leaps through and down crisscrossing stairs, all the while just pouring gunfire into it from some absurd handcannon. After quite awhile of this, it finally died.

I was getting very sick of dealing with the Thiefbot, you see.

Tetris many, many times.


Male,female i don’t care!

Will you marry me? :smiley:

I recently had a dream about Eternal Darkness.

Whenever I’m stuck in a game, I usually dream about it. My thoughts dwell on the puzzle at hand all the time. When Shadows of the Empire first came out for N64, I had several “strategy dreams” that helped me figure out how to beat Boba Fett.

It’s not quite a dream, but there have been many times that I’ve woken up early because my mind wants to play a particular game before work (or when I was younger, school). I knew I was in real trouble when I faked a sour stomach so that I could stay up and play instead of going to bed… you might expect this behavior from a child though… the problem was that I was making the excuses to my wife.

I’m having way too many “Ages of Empires 2” dreams lately. In fact, last night I dreamt I was both playing the game and in the game as well. It was kinda scary, especially when you start to lose, like I was.

Me too! Especially true if you expand this to include all the various Tetris-like games. If I play too much, I can see the shapes whenever I close my eyes…

It’s also hard to read when your mind keeps trying tor earrange the words/letters.

I’m sorry. I really am. But it had to be done! :smiley:

EHEHEHEHH!! That’s a cute comic! :smiley:

I had a great Grand Theft Auto III dream once. I was blowing up cars with a rocket launcher, laughing maniacally like I tend to do when I’m playing the game. My girlfriend was there watching me with a silly “how on earth can you find this amusing can we leave yet” look (interestingly, not an "Oh my God, what are you DOING?! look).

She plays the game too, BTW. I was talking to her on the phone the other day and was amused to hear the all-too-familiar sounds of gunfire and people screaming in the background.

A few years ago a friend of mine had gotten ahold of this rather nonsensical arcade Simpson’s side-scroller fighting game, and we played it quite a bit. I was also playing Half-Life for the first time then.

One night I had a dream where I was in an arcade, and playing a simpson’s video game, only horribly twisted. You played as Homer Simpson, wandering through the nuclear power plant and shooting scientists. Every time he’d kill a scientist, he’d make some really stupid anti-intellectual one liner, like “put that in your pipe and smoke it, brainy boy!” When I woke up I wrote that one down because it was so messed up. According to my dream journal, the game was called “Homer, Soldier of Lud”

More recently, I’ve been playing a lot of Eternal Darkness, DDR and Warcraft III, and have been having seriously bizarre dreams. Then, a few days after I wrote down two of those dreams, the guys at penny-arcade wrote this:

I laughed out loud about the first paragraph, and then carefully inspected my room for signs of secret hidden cameras or signs of forced entry.