Video game quiz - how many can you get?

Title says it all. The quiz is set up as a cool looking old-school isometric city where different video game titles are hidden in various visual clues. As far as I can see the titles range from the very old to quite recent ones.

I managed to solve 35 (of 56). How many can you get?

Hi Pan. I only got 16 right. Great job!

Stupid image is blocked by my work;s filter for some reason…I’ll have to wait to try at home. Is it similar to that artwork of a city with lots of band names hidden in the pictures from a few years ago?

  1. Where are the answers?

I could get about 40 before I gave up. That’s not to say I heard of all the games I guessed, I got a good number just based on the image. If you win you get to make an ID and subscribe to a snail-mail post news letter about the new Tron. Some of them are really obscure, and some of them don’t have the greatest riddles.

Link to a blog with the answers:

28, so far

  1. Call Of Duty
  2. Out Run
  3. Frogger
  4. Rampage
  5. worms
  6. punch out
  7. burger time
  8. vanguard
  9. Minesweeper
  10. Stargate
  11. star castle
  12. Dragonball Z
  13. Halo
  14. Tron
  15. Burnout
  16. R type
  17. Missile command
  18. Food Fight
  19. Golden axe
  20. Double Dragon
  21. Paperboy
  22. guitar hero
  23. Asteroids
  24. Dig dug
  25. Goldeneye
  26. Sea Wolf
  27. Mousetrap
  28. Metal Slug

Some of those are not games I’ve ever heard of, I just guessed the namefrom the picture.

I’ve got most of the ones Peter Morris got. Apart from no. 8 (d’oh!), 13, and 43 (double d’oh!).

In addition I’ve found:

  1. Home Run
  2. 720
  3. NBA Jam
  4. Tiger Heli
  5. Space Ace
  6. Silent Hill
  7. Bomberman
  8. Fallout
  9. Spy Hunter
  10. Star Fox

I will not look at Jragon’s spoiler but it annoys me that I can’t guess #41. It looks like it’s Donkey Kong? - but it isn’t. Argh.

and bouv - it looks sorta like this.

[spoiler]Donkey Konga

It’s a spin-off rhythm game in a sort of “Taiko Drum Master” ripoff sort of way.[/spoiler]

I got 11, then for some reason the page wouldn’t accept correct answers anymore. Blah, I was doing well too.

I’m at 28 so far, probably half of which I got just by typing what I saw in the picture, but that only goes so far (apparently there is no game called “Rocket Punctuation”)

Now I’m mildly obsessed with getting them all.

Damn you OP. I was having a perfectly productive evening. :wink:

ETA: That stupid one that isn’t Donkey Kong is driving me bloody bonkers! :smack: :smack: :smack:

Hint: Read the two punctuations out loud. Now do faster. Repeat until you get it. That particular riddle was brilliant once I figured it out.

Read my spoiler above, it’s really close and unless you’re aware of all the minor spinoffs of the franchise you’ll probably never get it.

Damn, I can’t believe I didn’t put that together! Brilliant indeed. :slight_smile:

Ok, seriously??? How many people could’ve possibly heard of THAT?

They did that on purpose, the bastards. They knew we’d all get stuck on the DK.

Oh, I just got the one with the pink cadillac.


What is it with things in soup? There’s a guy with a gun in a bowl of soup, and a cobra in another one. I’ve got 31 so far, btw.

6, but then again I don’t know anything about video games aside from a few names I remember from commercials (Double Dragon, Dragonball Z, Call of Duty) and back in the arcade (Frogger, TRON).

I just guessed on Mousetrap.

Where’s that? I don’t see it. If you mean #46, top right corner, I think that’s a pie.

A hint/clarification on one of those:

The guy with the gun is standing in a pie, not soup.

27 out of 56 for me

#1 - Call of Duty
#2 - Outrun
#3 - Frogger
#4 - Home Run
#6 - NBA Jam
#9 - Worms
#10 - Punch Out
#11 - Burger Time
#17 - Star Castle
#18 - Golden Tee
#20 - Halo
#22 - Tron
#30 - Smash TV
#31 - Silent Hill
#33 - R Type
#35 - Food Fight
#36 - Timesplitters
#37 - Bomberman
#38 - Golden Axe
#39 - Double Dragon
#43 - Paperboy
#45 - Guitar Hero
#48 - Asteroids
#49 - Dig Dug
#53 - Star Fox
#54 - Mousetrap
#56 - Metal Slug

No 23 and 50

[spoiler] 23) Crossbow.

(you can see that one of them is carrying a violin)

  1. Popeye [/spoiler]

No 47