Video of man refusing to cooperate despite guns drawn on him.

on one hand, you have police facing threats daily in a country where guns are commonplace; on the other, you have an apparent video of an unarmed civilian begging for his life and rights as he faces guns pointed at him.

Here’s a helpful video.

let’s see:

[li]Obey the Law[/li][li]Use common sense[/li][li]Stop immediately[/li][li]Turn that shit off[/li][li]Be polite[/li][li]Shut the fuck up[/li][li]Get a white friend[/li][li]Don’t ride with a mad woman[/li][/ol]

i guess he failed 6 and 7.

Police in Amerika are “off the hook” but watch the “pro-Freedom” right-wingers show up and blame the resistor. Or perhaps blame Obama as did “Top Commentator” at OP’s link:

I want to know how the videoing dude had no idea his friend who was driving was high as fuck?

But yeah, I’d like to know why that cop thought he needed to draw his weapon, neither of those dudes were threatening, with the driver complying as he was in the wrong, and the passenger just got out of the car like he was told.