Video Scavenger Hunt: we need some ideas

My friends and I are having a video scavenger hunt on a college campus. The hunt has a halloween theme and we have about sixteen ideas and we need about thirty. My roommate and I thought it would be a good idea to post a message here to see if any of you could come up with some creative non-illegal activities for us to use. There are a total of two teams and the goal is to complete as many items on the list as possible. Here’s some ideas of stuff that we have on our list so you can get an idea of what we are up to:
1)Find a mullet.
2)Buy one slice of deli cheese.
3)Purchase $0.69 worth of gas.
Well,I think that is about it. We look foward to any ideas that you come up with.

Thanks bunches

  1. The soundtrack to Avenging Disco Godfather
  2. A Mountain Dew® cap for a free Dew that’s expired
  3. A chocolate Payday candy bar
  4. An empty film canister (one of the black things with the grey cap)
  5. A prescription laxative
  6. A phone book page where the name makes some sort of a joke (ie, Lou Zer, Peter Goesinya, Phil McCrackup, etc)

Hope that helps!

Oh, and welcome to the boards.

Saturday night we had a bunch of people come into the local Blockbuster store, where they had to locate a copy of the movie Scavenger Hunt, take note of the running time of the film and have a cashier verify they brought it up to the counter. I also think you should have them locate an AOL disc. A frilly or umbrella toothpick. A penny minted before 1970-extra points for a '69 penny? A cherry stem tied into a knot. A wrapper from a Big and Tasty. If you’re using a videocamera to verify, why not put a small dog in a costume on the list to go along with the Halloween theme? Ride the mechanical horsey outside a store. I’m sure others will come up with more ideas. It sounds like fun.

I’ve got an idea for you…be careful. :slight_smile:

We did this in my honorary and nearly got our asses kicked by:

  1. drunken angry hooligans
  2. a crazy lady who accused us of ‘stealing her soul’ (literally, I have it on tape)


  1. store owners who threatened to sue us.

So make sure people go in big enough groups to be safe…


In the below suggestions, whenever a person is to be videotaped, it cannot be your teammates, unless specified.

How about capturing on video…
-A “No Dumping” sign with trash strewn about it.
-A driver getting a ticket from the police.
-An “opposing team” logo.
-An adult playing video games in an arcade.
-Two women emerging from an adult bookstore together.
-Someone weeding in their garden.
-Clothesline with underwear on it.
-Someone wearing socks with sandals (extra points for argyle socks!)
-Someone eating a “Slim Jim” or beef jerkey.
-Someone having a meltdown at a customer service counter.
-A man with a bad toupee or woman with a bad wig.
-Your entire team singing “Happy Birthday” with the employees to a patron at Chi-Chi’s.
-An empty bubblebum machine.
-An adult using a bubblegum machine.
-An expired lisence plate still on a car.
-A teammate has to make an ATM withdrawal using only their nose to push the buttons.
-A blimp or hot-air balloon.
-A bi-plane.
-A mini bottle of liquor, like those you get on an airplane.
-Someone pouring concrete.
-People playing in the park. (For instance, the more obscure the type of play, the more points scored. Frisbee, throwing a football or baseball, playing paddleball, flying kites are all very common, so score 1 point. Someone throwing a boomerang would be worth more.)
-Man wearing a kilt.
-Someone in a military uniform. (easy in DC, San Diego, Norfolk VA, etc. MUCH harder in Cleveland!)
-Someone using BOTH a plastic fork and knife.
-A butcher making sausage.
-An older phone with a DIAL instead of push buttons.
-A motorcycle with a sidecar or trailer.
-A man with a handlebar moustache.
-Someone with a ring in the septum of their nose.
-Someone with eyes of different colors.
-A sign or billboard that has a misspelled word.

BWAH-hahahaha! You’ll never catch me!

Thank you guys so much for the warm welcome. The rest of the people participating in this adventure and I are going to appreciate your response a lot. We did a similar scavenger hunt last year and it was a lot of fun, however we didn’t want to have the same type of items on the list. With only two people really doing the planning it made it difficult to come up with some really creative ideas, and you guys have been more than helpful. I want to especially thank **GrizzRich **for your rather extensive list. A lot of your ideas are actually being considered, they have to make it through the veto process first. We’re really interested in anything that any of you come up with so keep those ideas coming.

Thanks Bunches

How About:

A set of Multiples higher then twins(i.e triplets or quadruplets etc.)

Someone mowing a lawn with a push mower

Someone going into a salad bar and puchasing one cherry tomato

Someone has to say ,“Hey baby what’s your sign?” to ten different people.

A man wearing a kiltwalking a scottish terrior

Someone actually trying to take candy from a baby