Scavenger Hunt

I would like to have a scavenger hunt for my church group.(Age 20 - 40) I’d like the teams to really have to work at winning. Does anyone have a list of typical items to look for? Could you share any sucessful tips.


You can try what my swim team did once.

Given that scavenger hunts usually involve taking something that limits what you can be expected to gather (both legally and physical size and weight).

To get aorund this my team did a photo scavenger hunt with Polaroid instant cameras. Instead of taking an item you just took a photo of it. This allows you to dream-up all sorts of weirdness people must find.

In addition to a variety of categories there was an open category. Basically anything that is unique and weird enough could get you points even if it wasn’t on the list. In our case one of our team members who lived on a nearby airbase took us on base to take a picture of the rows of P3-Orions all over the place. We did so and were promptly jumped by MPs who confiscated our pictures of the planes. Given that they were parked out in the open and are hardly a big secret ( here’s a picture ) we were a bit surprised but we didn’t feel like arguing with armed guards. Instead we climbed on a roof somewhere and mooned the camera (we were in high school…what can I say).

Anyway, hope that helps. I’d give you specific things to look for but that partly depends on what is in your area (i.e. you might get a photo of a coyote in Arizona but it’s not likely you’ll see one around Chicago where I live).

BTW: These days you could also use digital cameras in place of Polaroid cameras. If you already have the cameras there’d be no cost in film.

I think your hunt will do better in IMHO – more items to be found, ya know.

So I’ll shoot it over there for you.