Grownup Scavenger Hunt questions/objects

Ok… my girlfriend’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I have an idea for a scavenger hunt to celebrate with our friends, and I need questions!

Basically, what I’m imagining is a 3-stage scavenger hunt- drinks, dinner, drinks/dancing.

The idea is to have 3 sets of questions/things to retrieve - say, 2 before the drinks, 2 before the dinner and 2 before the dinner & dancing, with really informal scoring at each stage, and a final winner at the end.

I’m looking for questions/objects that are kind of ambiguous, to allow for creativity. I’m also thinking that digital cameras will be ok.

An example question might be: “Find something from the 1930’s”, which would allow for a videotape of “Bride of Frankenstein”, a picture with a 75 year old man, etc…

Any and all questions are welcome! I figure you guys are more creative than I’ll probably end up being.

– something French

– something hot

– something political

– two things that are a pair

– two things that are opposites

– something Christmas related (perfect for an August scavenger hunt)

– something that grows

– something you can only use once
I just did a fun digital camera scavenger hunt which involved instructions for each object that made the people on the team pose with the stuff, like “a picture with something hot ON YOUR HEAD” If you go that route, I would suggest that one go after the drinks. If everyone at the party knows your girlfriend, the final thing could be a photo of the team members acting out an event from your girlfriend’s life, like a tableau.

Since you mention cameras, I’ve been playing the Monthly Scavenger Hunt on Flickr. Players get votes from other members based on originality as well as the quality of the picture, and those who win gain great glory.

The Suggestion Box thread has a bunch of ideas, some of which have been used already. You can see pictures on those used subjects by searching for the tag following the item in the list.