Ideas for Scavenger Hunt needed

My buddy and I are trying to organize a limo scavenger hunt in the Pittsburgh area and we’re running short on ideas, so I thought I’d turn to the collective wisdom of the Dope.

Anybody ever run one of these before or participated in one?

They don’t have to be Pittsburgh related (not at all really), just any ideas.

Some things we have now are:

  1. Get a picture of your group with a bachelorette
  2. A shamrock of some sort (we’re operating out of an Irish pub).
  3. A $2 bill and a Sacagawea dollar
  4. Something with three sets of double letters in it (ex. green balloon)

Other pictures of the group would be fine too. Puzzles would be good, but we’re struggling with that.

At any rate, your help would be greatly appreciated!

A picture of the fabled Confluence, almost always mentioned on broadcasts from the stadium…

A cricket

Mean Joe Green paraphernalia

Bowling trophy

A My Little Pony (In any of its evil manifestations.)

Ball peen hammer

Dot matrix printer


45 vinyl record
You might have to be a little more specific on your theme, otherwise it’s just free association on my part. (Minus the dirty bits, of course.)

A cricket

Mean Joe Green paraphernalia

Bowling trophy

A My Little Pony (In any of it’s evil manifestations.)

Ball peen hammer

Dot matrix printer


45 vinyl record
You might have to be a little more specific on your theme, otherwise it’s just free association on my part. (Minus the dirty bits, of course.)

Mr. Rogers Neighbor

There’s not really a theme per se…just scavenging.

Oakminster we’re definitely having them get a picture taken at the fountain at the Confluence.

dahfisheroo I really like the ideas of the cricket, the vinyl 45, and My Little Pony. Though the My Little Pony might be tough.

[li]A cassette tape[/li][li]Theatre ticket stub (maybe make it a movie ticket stub if there are no live theatres near you)[/li][li]Typewriter ribbon[/li][li]A schlock horror film in any format[/li][li]A book of dirty jokes[/li][li]A Spider’s web - you can grab these by wiping a black card through the web from behind so that it sticks to it in the pattern it was woven in. If it needs to be preserved for a while they can spray some hairspray onto it. Designate a minimum size for the web.[/li][li]Left handed anything[/li][/ul]

I’ve done a few of these, but can barely remember anything…

A circus peanut.

Cheese paper.

A discarded high heel (not necessarily attached to the original shoe)
If you involve disposable/inexpensive cameras (or, more expensively, Polaroids), there are a lot more things you can do.

We’re making everybody take a digital camera with them. Out of a group of 8, I would guess half of them have them by now.

Good ideas everybody, keep 'em coming if you’ve got them.

We had a video scavenger hunt once - the guests were divided into teams and every team needed to have a video cam. Some of the tasks included:

Standing by a boat with a particular name and singing the Popeye the Sailor song.

Going to a creek in a particular park and doing a “documentary” using a Jacques Cousteau style.

Finding a deserted baseball diamond and doing “baseball stuff” - this apparently included a lot scratching and spitting.

Sitting on the lawn tractors at Sears and singing the Green Acres theme.

Collecting business cards from as many different realtors as possible .
If I was ambitious enough, I’d try to find my copy of the video and watch it to jog my memory.

Well, you have a vinyl 45, and a cassette tape, so you need an 8 track tape.
A picture of a (live) mime/clown with the group.
A picture of the group with a mounted police officer (horse, not bicycle)
A baby tooth.
A 2 cent stamp (some things have to be easy.)
A sea shell.
A copy of a Dick and Jane book (or Dr Suess).
A calendar from 2004.
A lapel pin from a restaurant chain ( Like a Friday’s, or Chili’s)
A garter.

A waitress’s little pockety apron.

A shot glass that features something Pittsburgh-y.

Used shoelaces – gotta come from outside the group.

One earring (again, not from anyone in the group)

My Little Ponies are insidious. I have a picture of one atop an armed vehicle in Iraq, there is no escaping them…Must be at least one in Pittsburgh. Now that I have mentioned it, you’ll see hundreds, their reproduction rate is unbelievable.

An umbrella from a tropical drink.

A Seattle Seahawks hat.

Purple nail polish.


Card from a rolodex.

Piece of coal.


A few suggested changes:

  1. Shamrock changed to Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover
  2. Left handed anything – Specify this does not include things that are part of a pair like gloves.

Some additions:

  1. Something from Australia. To make it harder no beer, too many bars may have it.
  2. A library card.
  3. A baseball
  4. A deck of cards.
  5. A Frisbee
  6. A vegetable or fruit that looks like someone’s face.
  7. A bicentennial coin.
  8. As many different state quarters as you can. A bit harder - Duplicate states with other teams disqualifies the coin.
  9. A Canadian coin.
  10. A potted plant. – not pot plant
  11. The most varieties of breath mints.
  12. A charcoal Briquette
  13. A dead battery.
  14. The most remote controls, not vehicle remotes.
  15. The ugliest item of clothing.
  16. A pink elephant. – Super hard but a good one.
  17. A rabbits foot luck charm.
  18. A raccoon tail hat.
  19. A dandelion flower.
  20. A Monopoly dollar.
  21. A tennis racket
  22. Shampoo
  23. A pencil with an unused eraser.
  24. Yatzee game.
  25. A paper plate.
  26. A nicknac decorated in a Egyptian motif.
  27. A food item with an expired use by date, extra points for longer than a year.
  28. Something with the word millennium on it.
  29. A Saint Christopher’s figure.
  30. A picture of George Bush.
  31. A pair of hip waders.
  32. A mermaid anything.
  33. A fishing bobber.
  34. Each team member posses an item from a song. No duplicate items or songs on a team. Each person most give the song title, and line for their item.
  35. A comic book.
  36. A bucket of sand.
  37. A hard drive smaller than 1 Gig capacity.
  38. A pair off mirrored sunglasses.

Just one thing:

A pair of panties from a stranger accosted in the street, with video footage (not necessarily revealing) of their removal.