Video that explains internet forums

Yep. But we’re better than that around here right?


I am so smrt!

But…but…Batman could so beat Superman in a fight if he’s prepared!

I am so smart.

Alas I must now regretfully imply I am trained in the deadly combat abilities of the Black Ops Ninja Division of the Green Seal Rangers.

Alas, you do realize that your stance is no different from the slaughter of millions of human lives …

…and your genitals are smaller than the statistical average.

The bit about hyperbolising, and attacking someone’s spelling in an attempt to draw attention away from the substance of the argument and ad hominem attacks on the poster are pretty common around here, unfortunately.

Somehow, I never noticed that …

Your sarcastic response demonstrates your low intellect and suggests that your mother was likely a commercial sex worker.


I was impressed with the first voice. The first comment it makes sounds perfectly normal. And if the second voice wasn’t obviously robotic, I wouldn’t have noticed until the glitch in the third comment. Without the glitches, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to notice that the intonation, while more natural, was always the same.

They both do sound wrong when they say, “I am smart.” That’s probably the next frontier: handling short sentences.