Vietnam Mulls Banning the Small-Chested from Driving Motorbikes

Story here. And those who are too short or too thin. In Vietnam, this covers a LOT of people. No, this does not appear to have originated on The Onion.

But it’s high time I say! Many’s the time I am SHOCKED by some small-titted lass brazenly puttering down the road, sometimes in broad daylight! Finally, a totalitarian, communist government doing something good for the country. I can only pray that Thailand follows suit.

Excerpts: "Vietnamese bloggers have been poking fun at the plan, envisioning traffic police with tape measures eagerly pulling over female drivers to measure their chests.

"‘From now on, padded bras will be best-sellers,’ said Bo Cu Hung, a popular Ho Chi Minh City blogger.

“‘I’m not heavy enough, what am I going to do?’ Le Thu Huong asked in a letter to Tuoi Tre newspaper. ‘And what about people whose chests are small? Most of them are too poor to afford breast implants!’”

:eek: Holy shit! I’m a foot taller than the average Vietnamese dude.