Was just thinking about playing VikingMUD in college back in 1994 or so. Figured there was a halfway decent chance that a Doper or two had played. I wasn’t super high level but was on quite a bit (more than I should have been, I’m sure!) as Nigel.

I loaded it up again through an emulator of some type back in 2000 or so, but haven’t tried since. Is it even still around? Yeah, I guess I could look for that answer myself.

We can make this a generic thread about MUDs/MUSHs in general as well to make it more useful. Or, we can see if Sicks has posted another thread that dies in an hour or two :smiley:

Moved Cafe Society --> the Game Room.

Well duh.

I was a legendMud guy. I played in college, and every minute was deducted from my systems account. All it really did was make my online research with things like Archie was reallly hasty. :wink:

Played AvatarMud since 1994 and still do. Well sorta.
I’m not an active player but an administrator.
Recently I’ve been neglecting my “duties” there as RL simply takes first place.

I started playing back in college and skipped classes for it (no worries, I was going to flunk at some point anyways)
In fact I skipped so much of my real classes that the folks at the computer lab thought I was a IT student and had to work in the lab :wink: