Vikings - Mid Season Finale???

Never heard of a mid-season-finale. Still… if it’s only half done, that’s great. Go Ragnar!

Yes, I was surprised too, but apparently it’s a 20 episode 4th season, and there will be a 20 episode 5th season in 2017 as well. I’ll take all the Vikings I can get.

So do you think Ragnar or Rollo will win their fight, or will they just cliffhanger it? And will Harbard manage to bed every single woman left behind in Kattegat?

It’s been a common thing of late. The AMC shows have “mid-season finales”.

I’m not even sure why I keep watching this particular show. I liked the first couple seasons, but I think I’m suffering from “series record on DVR” syndrome. :slight_smile:

As John Mace said its getting common on the various non-network-networks like AMC, History and others. Mostly on the “dramas” but I think on some of the more documentary/reality shows as well. I blame it all on Robot Chicken (the first show I remember splitting a season into two parts). :slight_smile:

My money is on Ragnar… but he definitely needs to find a French drug dealer. According to legend, and I won’t say how… Ragnar dies in England, not France.

Yes, they actually had a reference to the method of his demise back in season 1.

I still love it, and have since the first episode. But I was bummed by the mid-season finale……jumping a decade into the future.That seemed extreme. Though I suppose the sons will get some interesting stuff to do.

Did anyone else get the feeling earlier this season that Floki would become the new seer? Something about his meeting with the seer gave me that impression but now I forget exactly what it was.

WTF Lagatha? Dead or Alive? I thought likely dead but last I saw her they were putting her on a boat and then it was a confusing 10 years later…

Yeah, I was left a bit cold by the jump forward, actually. Other reviews/comments I’ve seen liked it… but for me it felt odd. The Ragnar/Rollo battle was a bit of a letdown too (a punching match?) even though I suspected neither was going to die, based on the history of the guys these characters are based on.

It’ll probably take awhile being able to remember which son is which, aside from Bjorn and Ivar.

When does the second half of the season begin? I’m on episode 8 now and loving it. Best season of Vikings so far. It’s an awesome show.

No date has been announced for the second half of season 4, but speculation is that it will return after the Game of Thrones season wraps. If so, figure July.

This article contains a spoiler in both the title and the link, though I don’t think it’s earth-shattering. I actually have a question about it:[spoiler]

Wait, what? Aslaug appeared to kill Lagertha? Did I zone out and miss a scene completely? I thought the last time we saw Lagertha was when she was wounded and pulled into the boat to run away from the battle. There was a scene with her and Aslaug after that?[/spoiler]
They’ve also ordered another 20-episode season 5 to air next year.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense to me either. Last I remember we saw Lagertha sailing back after the failed invasion of Paris. I don’t remember any scenes with Lagertha & Aslaug in the finale..