Villanova NCAA Basketball Champs!

Sunk a 3 pointer at the buzzer!

Villanova 77 to NC 74, btw

That was an incredible game.

I hate to admit it but I forgot to watch the game…

Hell of a game. Didn’t care who won, I just wanted to see a good game and I got one. Almost feel like it’s too bad someone had to lose, but good job Villanova.

The best basketball game of the YEAR! Go, Wildcats!!!

Let’s go Nova! <bup bup bup-bup-bup>
Let’s go Nova! <bup bup bup-bup-bup>

OK, so I haven’t actually been following the tournament, and I didn’t watch any of the games this year, but I probably went to enough back in the day to make up for it. Tomorrow I shall wear one sock up and one down in honor.

(Whatever happened to Kerry Kittles, anyway?)

I was a University of Kansas student in 2008, so I know what it’s like to be down by three with about five seconds to go, and then make an incredible three-pointer (Mario Chalmers for KU, Marcus Paige for UNC).

I remember bring elated that we had forced overtime, then everyone in the room saying “WAIT! Not so fast! We still have to defend for a few seconds!”

KU did indeed prevent Memphis from pulling off a buzzer-beater (and won easily in overtime).

The Tar Heels, on the other hand, failed to do the same just moments ago. Yay Villanova!

I think he played in both New Jersey Nets finals appearances (led by Jason Kidd) about twelve years ago; his NBA career must have faded out not long afterwards.

That whole game came down to the last 15 seconds.

UNC -3 with 13.7 seconds left.
UNC hits 3 pointer, 4.6 seconds left.
Villanova’s ball, they rush it down court.
Villanova shoots with .6 seconds left.
Buzzer sounds, shot in the air.
It’s good, 3 points Villanova.
Villanova wins 77 to 74.

Best 15 seconds in any basketball game ever.

Kris Jenkins will get free beers at any Philly bar…forever! :cool:

I wasn’t sure what we’d be seeing after the blowouts we witnessed in the semi-finals, but this was a GAME. Reminded me in the very best of senses of the old Big East tournaments. When it is a competitive fast-paced game, there is absolutely no sport more compelling to watch than college hoops.

By far the best NCAA Championship I can ever recall watching and one of the most entertaining last 5 minutes of an NCAA Championship, with UNC overcoming a 10-point deficit with 5:00 left (67-57) by out-shooting Villanova 17-7 to tie the score at 74-74 with 5 seconds to go… how did they tie it, well it wasn’t just a 3-pointer UNC hit with 13.7 left, it was an amazing double-clutch, legs in the air, crazy 3-pointer.

Hard to believe that this wasn’t the last or most memorable 3-pointer of the game, but it was followed by a 3-pointer that it wasn’t just a game-winning 3-pointer with no time on the clock, it was a bring the ball up the court, and pass it to the guy on your team who is trailing the play who sinks the shot as time runs out kind of 3-pointer.

Classes at Villanova are cancelled for the day

It’s not like anyone was going to show up, anyway.

It was certainly a great game, and it brought back strong echos of the 2008 championship game mentioned above. KU was behind by 9 in that one with 2:12 to play. The final 3-point shot even had some resemblance to Mario Chalmers’ big shot, except Jenkins was a game-winner. So I’ll give a slight edge to this one.