Vintage Count Chocula box--with cereal!

Okay, what am I bid?

Ironically, just last week my SO was looking around for a white elephant to take to the office’s annual white elephant party. (Last year his contribution was very, very popular, a Weaselball.)

This year it was a lamp. A kind of lame, cheap imitation of the lamp made famous in A Christmas Story. The leg was skinny and didn’t light up.

But, had he only waited! Because today he cleaned out behind the lazy susan, and found…ta da!!!

A 1978 box of Count Chocula! Unopened! And in really, really good condition (except for being 30 years old).

This cereal is older than my children. The youngest of whom wants to turn it into a shrine. And in fact it is now in one of those cereal box showcase thingies (from The Container Store). My SO’s idea was that probably we should nuke it from orbit.

I say, next year’s white elephant is in the bag. Or rather, in the clear acrylic Container-Store container.

Can anyone suggest any other use of this cereal? (I found one guy online who had an elderly box of the same stuff, from 1987 I think, and he actually tried to eat it, which turned out not to be a great idea. So that’s out.)

I can’t help you, other than to toss in a related anecdote of my own. I was cleaning out some of my wife’s junk recently, and found a Slinky, circa 1970, still in the box, and still shrink wrapped, with a price tag on it that said $1.99. I wonder if *that’s *worth anything.

One word for you two. eBay. I’ve seen stuff like this sell reasonably well on there. Some people will pay good money for the weirdest things. Me? I’d keep the cereal though. But I’m weird like that. The slinky would already be opened and tumbling down some stairs though. Man I loves me some slinkys. I just with they still made the metal ones like they had when I was a kid. All I can find now are those crappy plastic ones.

If it were one of the infamous Count Chocula boxes that featured Bela Lugosi as Dracula wearing a Magen David instead of a pentagram, it would be worth thousands.

Oh, man, I used to LOVE Count Chocula. That is a great find.

Someone sold a 1979 box on ebay last week for $57.

Here’s the listing but I’m not sure if you can view it if you’re not logged in.

I can’t tell from the description if the box was full of cereal or not.

I think this is way too valuable for a white elephant gift!!!

You can sell unopened boxes of cereal on Ebay?


I found a couple boxes of unopened Count Chocula The Bestest Stuff EVAR! at my mom’s a few years ago. I pitched them.

Can you take a pic of all sides of the box and post them?

Pretty please?