Vintage straight dope t-shirts for sale size medium

Hey, remember a while back I sold some vintage Straight Dope T-shirts? I found two more … still size Medium. But like new and ready to go to some deserving Doper. Please look at my ebay listing and get yourself a piece of original Straight Dope history. Doittoday!

And they’re sold, congrats to casdave for acquiring this bit of Straight Dope history.

Oh crikey, didn’t even know that they did these!

Congratulations to whoever that bought them, you won’t ever find anything like that again!

I’m sorry, gimme10!, I wish I had more.

They have arrived, thanks

Great, hope they meet your expectations.

your humble TubaDiva

Wow, I would have bought one of these had I known! I feel like I’ve been on a deserted island floating on a deserted planet just finding out about this.

I’ve had that feeling reading Marketplace too … “Dang, I’m sorry I missed that!”

I still have my Straight Dope mug.

Spam Reported

Omg. TMI on them undies.:frowning: