Vinyl seats and farting

This was a childhood rumor that I always heard. Is it true that some people have farts so powerful, the fart can split a vinyl seat open?

Oh yes, it is defiantly true. Especially if the person is overweight, or just has a big ass.
The oversized gluteus maximus can form an ‘air tight’ seal around the sphincter if the person has been sweating a lot. This seal is especially strong. When the person farts, the gas has nowhere to go and will, if expelled fast enough, fracture ‘split’ the vinyl in the car seat. If the gas is expelled slow, then the car seat just rots from a reation with the gas.

This is aided, in part, by a chemical reaction between the vinyl and methane. If one expels gas while sitting on vinyl, you may notice an effect upon the vinyl such as slight discoloration of the seat to a fuzzy haze. The methane is breaking down the molecules in the vinyl, actually melting it. You can also see this on old kitchen chairs from the 60’s.

Of course, I might have made this all up as well.

Made up or not, I’ll take it.


This frightens me a bit. Take it where? Are you writing a paper, or suing someone for splitting your carseat, or something?

madd1 made it up, Louie. It’s not an answer to your question. The answer is probably No.

I once broke wind on a wooden bench seat, with a wooden back.
Due to some acoustic effect, it sounded like a series of rifle shots.

Everyone in the restaurant stopped talking and looked at me :o


This is one of the funniest thread titles I have ever seen! You’re funny.

Boy…this is eerie. Naugahyde does indeed age and become stiff. Methane exposure tends to speed the process. Many diner tragedies could have been averted by the use of Brillianize, a commercially available emmolient used to keep Naugahyde supple and feeling fresh.

This was my 11th grade science project and lo and behold, 22 years later, it comes up. Gosh…

No no, it’s not for any report. I was just curious if it was true or not, that’s all.