If I am to toss a small charger at someone that asked for it back and it didnt hit them and they decided not to catch it, do they have a right to punch me in the face and break my glasses? I did not hit back I walked away and now she is threatening to call the cops on me…Im also a women.


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Unless you pitched it overhand and an independent witness is going to testify that it looked like you were aiming to bean the perosn - no. (I suppose a corroborating piece of evidenc was whether it landed near her, or hit the wall, or landed a long way away - and indicator whether it was pitched to hit or lobbed to be caught.)

However, in no circumstances is a person entitled to punch back unless you are still threatening them. Again, though, independent witnesses prevent this from being she said-she said…

Did it hit her?

Was it charged?

Did it shock her?

What has been your past relations with this person?

You need to press charges against this girl.