Violet Crumble

A poster from the SDMB sent me some Australian candy, when I was whining about not being able to find the ones I’d learned to like.

While at the recent gathering in Ohio I did manage to buy some Jaffas and a candy bar named Cherry Ripe. The poster sent me some of the latter, and also some small bars called Violet Crumble.

I have no idea why they are called that, other than the package is purple, mostly. It’s a firm, crisp, honey flavored bar covered in chocolate. They are wonderful, and certainly not on my diet, but I had two. Hey, it was only a total of 200 calories.

I’m going to use the rest, and the Cherry Ripe bars, as a reward for good behavior. If I stay strictly on my diet all week, I can have two on the weekend. It will give me something to look forward to.

Anybody else ever have this candy? I highly recommend it. I’ll credit the poster if he sees this thread and gives me permission. :smiley:

…I had one once… I tossed half of it out… I thought it was beyond gross. I should have given my other half to you.

Somehow, when I think of “Violet Crumble,” I imagine a character in a Dickens novel.

If I hadn’t seen Baker’s description of Violet Crumble and had walked by it in the store I would have thought, “EWWWW!” and walked on by just because of the name. Now I kinda want one.

I’ve always assumed it’s because of the colour of the wrapping and their tendency to get all crumbly when you bite into them.

They’re an absolute favourite of mine. Cherry Ripes, on the other hand, I can’t stand.

Theres only one place in town that Ive seen Violet Crumbles at, and I make sure to grab one whenever Im in there. I can never finish the thing, but they are so good!

I think of a character in a Roald Dahl novel.

Well! According to Wikipedia Violet Crumbles are “common” in Hawaii as well. :smiley: So, maybe you can find a way to get more of them, via mail order from Hawaii? It certainly would be closer than Austrailia, so it would get to you fresher.

Violet Crumble is great as long as it’s fresh. When it gets a bit old, it’s more chewy than crumbly. Bleh.

And in Birch Bay, Blaine, and Bellingham. (As you’d expect they would be.)

What great drag names, and with the Pride Parade just round the corner!

You might also like this Australian chocolate bar.

And in Sydney drag competitions, i’ve seen quite a few contestants name themselves after one of Australia’s favorite beers.

I clicked on the thread hoping there was a recipe for something violet-flavored.

I did find some violet-flavored hard candy in a tin at the airport in Paris two years ago. I’ve managed to make it last and last and last…

“Violet Crumble” sounds like Tasha Tudor cookies to me.

Here, for all your Aussie candy needs:;$sessionid$5MDODFIAAAFYDTZENUFHBMWPERWRJPX0?UCIDs=1144052

Hmmmm, that didn’t work. Try this.

I’ve always considered the Violet Crumble to a poor imitation of the almighty Crunchie Bar, at best…

I actually prefer them in the chewy state rather than crumbly.

Whatever rocks your boat I guess. :wink:

Still rather a Cherry Ripe anyday. Hey, does anyone remember when Macrobertsons (who manufacture CR’s) decided to try out a milk chocolate version? Gawd, they were awful wot.


There’s a difference?

Violet simply refers to the wrapping. Crumble is honeycrumble. Then again, I like all those horrible fattening confectionaries.