Virginia boys [Special Operations military unit]

Is it true that the virginia boys origination can be traced back to the implication of the wright brothers airplane for military use? Is it true that they break your leg while torturing you and you must complete the final stages of training with a broken leg evan tho it’s an aviation unit tasked to support secret squirrel folks, and maintain the aircrafts? Is it true they use civilian aircraft and dress in normal cloths? I allso heard selection begins in basic training then threw your mos training and then your approached shortly after you report to your first duty station. the world may never know I suppose.

I allso heard 160th is like the navy seals just for the television. Theres nothing top secret about people who fly aircraft that you can identify a mile away, and have compounds in plain view.

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What the heck … I don’t even …

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Ok. Not just some people from the US state of Virginia. And ultra secret, special ops group.

Hrm. One of those forums posts doubt on the entire existence … a US military unit, that is completely overseen by the CIA? Stretches plausibility, a little bit. Or a CIA group made of ex-SEAL, Green Beret, Delta Force? As in, “Whelp, been there, done that, need a REAL challenge now… off to the CIA.”?

I suppose its possible…but stretches plausibility.

No, they aren’t “real,” they never have been, they are just a military brag/ inside joke/ urban legend and you need to stop asking about them if you know what is good for you.

Honestly, this sounds like a way for someone to claim they’re in some super-secret special forces group but excuse why they’re never seen in uniform or can explain their MOS code.

Right? Everybody knows the Sooper-Secret Commando Group is the Eastern Delaware Boys.

This is absolutely a real thing. The CIA has it on their public website. See for yourself:

Nice clear website. Makes perfect sense, now that I think about it – the CIA needs people with military skills, they advertise as such, and some people enlist.

So where’s the secret webpage? Where you signup to have your legs broken to prove how badass you are?

I don’t think anyone doubts that the CIA has clandestine agents and even former members of the US military who do things like extrication and assassinations. But what the OP described sounded like someone bullshitting in a bar somewhere.

I remember one of the CIA directors during a news interview years before 9/11 saying that the CIA has a team of “direct action” personnel and that he would fight hard to keep them during the budget wars because they serve a critical purpose in some situations. Details of those situations were not discussed. So they have had these special ops people (the number I remember is 40) for decades.

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Lots of intelligence services have those kinds of units. The Mossad, for instance, has Kidon.

Yes. The Paramilitary units do exist but the ‘Virginia Boys’ thing is fiction. The leg-breaking thing is just plain stupid.

In Relentless Strike, a book about the Joint Special Operations Command, the Intelligence Support Activity is referred to as the Army of Northern Virginia. Is that what you’re thinking of?

Other than being somewhat secret, they don’t seem to have much in common with the unit you describe though.

I hear that during training the recruit is given a puppy to take care of, and at graduation they are ordered to kill the puppy.

You’re talking about the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), also known as the Night Stalkers, based out of Ft. Campbell.

I know a man who was an Army helicopter pilot and was part of this regiment for a long time, flying OH-6 and AH-6 and Chinooks. (He also flew an AH-1 Cobra in Vietnam, but that was before the 160th SOAR existed; it was established in the 80s.) He retired as a Major and then went to work for Boeing, which manufactures the Chinook.

From him I learned a little bit about the history of the 160th. It is sort of an air taxi service for light infantry units of special forces, such as Army Delta Force and Navy SEALs. It coordinates with these teams for combat missions, and was involved in a number of infamous incidents such as Operation Red Wings (of “Lone Survivor” fame) and the Battle of Mogadishu, depicted in “Black Hawk Down.” The pilot I know was not involved in either of those, although he is a friend of Michael Durant, the pilot who crashed in Mogadishu and was taken prisoner.

The existence of the 160th and its members is not a secret, and I’m not sure what connection it has to the thing you’re talking about in your OP…I just thought I’d bring this up since it’s not often that I get a chance actually use the small amount of knowledge that I have of it for something.

There’s a subject here? Seriously.

That is interesting. From the qualifications required, the people described are not a special operations military unit – they are the support team and the on-site in-country “CIA controller” guys you see in the movies running the contractors. The ones who try to kill our hero, then fly out back to DC, where they are based.