Virtual presents for dopers

Last week you decided to buy a lottery ticket on a lark and were shocked to find out that you won the $500 million powerball jackpot! Since you started out insanely wealthy even before you bought the ticket you’ve decided to just blow through your lottery winnings buying gifts for people here on the dope. What would you buy and for who?

olivesmarch4th gets this, a lovely octopus figurine from the American Museum of Natural History.

Asimovian gets an automatic pancake maker.
Twickster** gets the luxury Scrabble board with gold tiles.

What would you buy for dopers?

Ooooh oooh I love threads like this! I can’t think of anything right now but I definitely will keep an eye out :smiley:

Thank you so much! I’ll go do some virtual shopping myself a little later.

swampbear will get a keg of the finest beer, and fresh warm chocolate chip cookies.

Since pbbbth is being so generous, here is my gift to her -a plush zombie monkey! Who wouldn’t want one of those? :slight_smile:

ETA: My Christmas gift to Dr. Girlfriend is a brand new job, with a boss who isn’t crazy!

Yay, zombie monkey!